A short message from Gaia, through Steve.


Nature is longing for 5d, Gaia, to reunite with humanity. Gaia feels it’s been separate from humanity. Humanity went its own way – a vast portion of humanity went its own way in the last few thousand years. And Gaia lost touch with the soul of humanity. The communication between both was difficult. That was reflected in tensions among humans themselves.

What Nature feels, humans will feel as coming from the collective. And they should heed Nature’s warnings. They’re loving warnings, they’re not condemning warnings.

Nature’s anxious to see humanity get back in the fold, as a consciousness it can relate to. Right now, Nature has a hard time relating with the consciousness of humanity.

And that’s reflected in personal lives, too. Steve’s difficulty with his father is a mirror of what’s going on on the collective too. Broken bonds, broken father-son bonds. This is because ideals have become stronger than basic values.

We are in an era that if gone unchecked, would make us end up without Nature, and living just with symbols, pictures of Nature, symbolic representation of Nature, like symbolic representation of God that take us to nowhere. We mix up realities because we confuse a symbol of something for the reality itself. We’re lost. We’re blind. Humanity is a runaway train. It’s blind.