Mother Earth knows how to cleanse our ailing oceans and atmosphere.
She will begin in earnest when human pollution and related toxins
Cease to affect the world’s fresh air and water.

Fresh water from ice packs at the North and South Poles are fast melting;
Being recirculated around the globe to maintain salinity and oust toxins.
Nothing is ever gained that isn’t first lost and then re-absorbed
Within our own little universe where humans are part of Creation.

Tipping poles drive the regenerative dance of our lovely planet
Now caught in a sweet tango with an energizing sun
To be tempered by a thicker and more water-absorbent cloud cover
One that can store more heat for redistribution equally to all
Rather than being stored mainly in the oceans.

Oceans will cool off some as the atmosphere holds more heat,
With any excess easily pushed to the fringes of outer space.

We’ll know this is happening when clouds start losing their familiar shapes,
Displaying new properties resulting in animals & humans looking at the sky
More often, while enjoying the noticeable feel of a revitalized Gaia under their feet.

Even stars will shine in new ways for New Earth inhabitants
With starry-eyed children marvelling at Creation from day one
Educating their parents to new ways of looking at life as a gift.

Source: Hollow Bones