Gaia spoke.

Tell the world that you belong to that humans are not an essential ingredient of this planet, compared to other species. They’re the most possessive and destructive of all. Other species don’t depend on humans for their existence; air, water, earth and plants can live better without humans. If humans think they’re in charge of the Earth, they are running into a precipice. They may even be kicked off the planet by Gaia, and the planet will be better without them, unless they change their ways. This is a warning to humanity that all other species of plants and animals, all forms of life, can do quite well without humans and their controlling behaviour toward life on the planet. Humans are the most egocentric species on Earth, and domineering.

Other species have compassion for humans, but not to the point of self-extinction. Their preservation instinct is greater than their love for humanity. That’s how life works.

Hollywood stories do not apply here, that humans always win because of their technology, because of their romantic love, because of their superior civilization, because of their money, because of their good looks, because of their fashion shows, whatever. It doesn’t work.

Humans have come to imagine a world that is their own reflection, and that is not the case at all. The world was not designed for humans alone, but humans are conducting themselves like it was designed for them.

Humans are invited to be a member of this natural world that was created for all species, and fit in like any other species. Fit in, not control. If that doesn’t happen soon, they’ll be booted out, off this planet, forcibly.

The planet will not allow itself to die, with the other species, because of the human species. It will not die because of humans. Humans will leave before that happens, or what’s left of humans will leave. Nature’s limit on compassion for humans is its own survival. The limits to Nature’s compassion for humans is its own survival.Nature will not let itself die, or any of its species, for the sake of human survival. It will not.

Your theocracy, says Gaia, is killing us all.

Photo by Heather Holm, taken in Park Cemetery, Mahone Bay NS