A Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) session in April 2022. The client feels “amazing” since the session, physically, emotionally, mentally, and much more connected to his Higher Self.

0:00 Past life: boy “Josh” growing up in a slum community
26:30 Traumatizing event in Josh’s life
31:30 Further events in Josh’s life: drug use, nursing home
40:00 End of Josh’s life, a broken heart. Lesson and purpose. Still stuck in afterlife.
48:00 Healing the stuck soul fragment
53:00 Bringing in the Higher Self, first to help with the healing of Josh.
55:00 Higher Self comes through. Addressing addictions first.
1:02:30 Identifying and clearing weighty block in heart
1:25:30 Bathroom break followed by singing bowl
1:26:00 Identifying and releasing entities, 7 old warriors, in solar plexus area
1:42:00 Call on Archangel Michael to escort the fighters to the Light.
1:45:00 Archangel Michael speaks, identifies other energy burdens, regrets, held in the back.
1:47:15 Warriors go to the Light, walk through it together.
1:51:00 Archangel Michael removes the burdens in the back, and fills with light and love.
1:58:00 Archangel Michael discusses client’s work situation and possibilities
2:02:40 Archangel Michael message for all
2:03:00 Higher Self and questions
2:19:30 Light language question, Jaiwuantu comes through and speaks.
2:24:00 Higher Self returns with more info and answers.