This is an excerpt from a QHHT session in 2018.

H: What about what we call the higher self of a person? Is there a part of the self that doesn’t fully incarnate in the body while the person lives their life?

C: Well, this is this wisdom part, that part that stays with the person. It’s like there’s a parachutist: the parachute being the higher self, with lines shrinking down to the body at the bottom. So there are these connections to the to the higher wisdom self, and then there’s the body down there. Sometimes the body loses touch completely and the lines to the parachute get cut. Other times, the body is very well anchored, and they stay in touch. But that is the challenge when you incarnate in the Earth system.

H: What sort of things would cause the lines to be cut?

C: Well, Earth is extremely dense. There have been many forces on Earth that make it challenging. Earth is a place that has got lost in its own density. The concrete world has been very seductive, and people forget. And so that’s the challenge: to keep the lines open to the higher self.

H: What would happen to a person who got lost like that? When they die, would they have a hard time finding their way back?

C: Yes. They get caught up in the Earth glue and they get caught up in the karmic wheel. It’s the karmic wheel that is the challenge, and it’s very seductive because the emotional body is so sticky. So they got caught in that karmic cycle and it’s very hard to break out of. It’s possible, but people have to be taught, and then they get lost and they get driven down into very dark places.

And then they have some sort of blessing in their life that opens something up. And maybe if they like it, and they want another little blessing, then it becomes what they want. If they ask for another little blessing they’ll get another little opening, and they start to swim up through all this density to the lighter regions, and the light increases. But yeah there are many people down there in the muck of Earth that have lost all touch.

H: And meanwhile that parachute, where does it stay?

C: Well, the parachute stays in a very high vibration. It’s not a physical place; it’s a vibrational space that is very high. It’s always there, and it’s always hovering, but if the lines get caught, there’s not much it can do. It has to wait. I think there is something whereby it can draw in these blessings from the Source of Light itself. It can request and send these little blessings, these little indicators to somebody who’s completely lost. And then they have the chance to grab hold of it. Or they may be totally despairing and miss it entirely. Or they go, “Oh, there’s a rescue for me!” and they grab onto that little bit of light, and then they think, “Well, that was good!”

H:  Would it be appropriate to say that the parachute is in the fifth dimension?

C: Earth categorizes these things. It’s all a continuum, and it’s just a high vibration.