A mistake human males make, one that is a challenge to their spiritual development, is to project the Divine Feminine outside themselves as an object of their desire, while in fact, it’s wholly inside them, just needing to be recognized.

Because men have commodified women, they have a hard time integrating the Divine Feminine inside themselves. They hold it outside themselves, highly desirable as a sex object. This is an obstacle to integrating the Divine Feminine. It’s even in Greek mythology.

Men have to learn to integrate the Divine Feminine as part of their own consciousness and not something to be desired, conquered, acquired outside. It’s there, as part of who they are, and it’s begging recognition. It’s not something you can take possession of, as men sometimes think of “taking possession” of a woman.

This problem is partly caused by our us-and-them approach to differences. Instead of identifying the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as separate qualities that can be handled separately in separate bodies, we can incorporate all these qualities in ourselves. They supplement each other.

Which is the opposite of commodifying.

We have to learn to be the essence of who and what we are.

Source: Download from a former philosophy prof.