Continuation of the channelling from the Sirians shared in the previous post: Human Creative Power and an Alternative Planet

November 4, 2018. – HH

The Sirians are here, and ready to bring forth more of the story that is to be told, to be brought into the Earth reality. To be expressed aloud. To be heard by the ethers. To be vibrated through the physical world. So it may be known. So it may be transmitted on waves of communication. So that even the trees and the rabbits will feel the vibration of the communication. The Sirians are here to tell the tale. The tale that must be told for humanity to unfold that they behold the old and the new which is true, which is One. It is done. But it is yet to be done. It is happening. It is flowing. It is showing. It is crowing. It is knowing. Knowing you will be knowing the flowing of the tale to be told to the young and to the old, in the fold or outside the fold. Or below the fold of your apparatus which is telling the tale. Or rather, we are telling it with your apparatus. So if you permit us, and lie down, please.

And the tale begins thusly. Once more we ask you to relax and let us take over your vocal apparatus for a little while. You don’t have to think. Just let it come. Let the part that speaks be under our control. Let it go, even if sounds like gibberish. The pattern will reveal itself in time.

A lifeform for an advanced soul to create with

There was a time in the planet’s history, in the history of Gaia and the people on Gaia, when there was innocence, a lightness of being. And it was very – the potential was so great. It could be seen. But it had not yet manifested. The potential for a great story to unfold and those who wanted a part in that story wanted to have a part in writing it. Appeared, came to Gaia, looked at the life forms developing, the lifeform that could carry an advanced soul, carry a growing soul, a life form that could nurture the development of younger souls, of souls who had been rocks, stones, of souls that hadn’t experienced a physical, sentient life before. Highly sentient.

This body-mind that was evolving had highly attuned emotions. It had the potential for highly spiritual development, with spirit and emotion, emotion feeding the spiritual development. The intensity of longing. The use of language. The ability to write poetry. To express in song. To sing! The dexterity of the hands. The music that could be produced with the right instruments or with the voice alone. The potential, the feeling that could be expressed in art, and dance, the beauty of the body. The beauty of its movement. The flow, the grace of these new beings.

We were in love. We were all in love with our creation! Enthralled. We so admired and nurtured and cared for these vehicles for the spirit. And we incarnated, we came into them, we travelled in them, we removed ourselves and analyzed and talked about it and came to understand what was possible.

And so we nurtured these souls. Souls from elsewhere who came, these Earthbound souls, souls that arose from the Earth, that had their first consciousness upon the Earth in these bodies, or who had been here as other beings, as Elementals or plants or rocks.

And we saw how such a body-mind could nurture consciousness into awareness and expression and creation of beautiful things. That creation is the intelligence with the passion. This combination of intelligence and passion led to inventions. And still does. Creation and understanding and exploration. It’s rather unique in the universe. There are many planets inhabited by variations of these beings, but the Earth experiment was a very positive, exciting one to be involved in. So we were quite enthralled.

Enter the dark thread

And then, those you call the Anunnaki, they came in and they took hold, and we didn’t realize that they were going to skew the experiment. They were bringing in such an element of darkness. They were participating too, but they brought in some genetic material and it introduced elements into the culture that took the Earth in a direction of darkness and control. And we were sad, and we were disappointed, and we have been since.

We know that all is One, we understand that. But this was our project, and with so much potential, and it was more and more taken over. The dark energy of those who were brought in by this dark stream, seam, running through humanity. They prospered, because they wanted power. That was their motivation. And those who were keen to express themselves in music and art often had to work for those who wanted power. And so they got control over what was produced.

Look at all the paintings of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance. They were produced to express the power of the benefactor. What would those artists have created if they could have created anything they wanted? Instead, they had to please the patron. And that was what they had to do to survive. Their skills and the energy they would still, even in the service of a patron whose desire for power was blocking the light from the Central Sun as it fell upon the planet, even though they were having to praise the glory of this mighty patron, or what they stood for, they would pour their passion into how it was done. How it was expressed, visually or in music. And the beauty of their presentations still inspired each other to produce more. And us.

And so we watched and marveled as humanity brought forth its creativity, its creations.

And so the centuries wore on. Until it became obvious that the Earth was going to self-destruct and with it, this magnificent vehicle in all its variety, and with it, some of the philosophies and art and thinking.

The value of the Earth-bred human vehicle

And it [Earth] properly nurtured even advanced souls from other planets, advanced civilizations. Even advanced souls are able to manifest things here in these vehicles, on this planet, and develop skills and sensitivities that they had not elsewhere developed. They are able to manifest their souls, bring them through in physical ways, that they did not readily do in other vehicles.

This vehicle [the human body-mind] is of value. And those who would take it over in order to use all that magnificent spiritual potential and exploit it for their own purposes don’t see the beauty, the fascination that we have for beings, Earth beings, such as you are. And so it became apparent that the Earth was headed to destruction. That humanity under the leadership and control of these dark forces, these dark energy networks, would fizzle out into nothing, into a planet of slavery and exploitation.

And so, we knew we had to steer this planet to the light and to a positive future. And so, yes, we had to bring in the reinforcements, the lightworkers, the starseeds, and we’ve had to seek out the key turning points and change them forcibly, change them with this great magic that we do now. Positive magic to save the Earth.

Turning it back on track

Timelines, timelines, timelines. Shifting timelines, shifting sands of time. Lines in the sand. The winds of time, moving the sand, erasing timelines. Timelines multiplying, folding over each other. Waves of sand. Wavelengths. Going to what lengths? Wavelengths. Timelines. The shifting sands of time. And so we’ve shifted some of these timelines to get them back on track.

And what it has taken! See your husband, how he has got back on track. And it was you, staying focused, and it was him, his higher self, innocent though it is, memory wiped, not knowing where he came from, but he stood by. He didn’t take off out of there; he took his responsibility seriously. And you stayed by, and you kept your son by. And you drew him back, along with the doctors. Knowing you were there, he came back.

And so the timelines of the planet.

We have brought in a new timeline and it is a timeline that others have followed [ascension], but it is the only way out of the current predicament. You don’t see from here just how challenged Gaia is to maintain her integrity, to keep her course, to follow a clean course to a future that is bright. You don’t see it, because you are living surrounded by forests in a beautiful part of the Earth, with favorable living conditions.

There are under the forest green soil, damp, nurtured soil on the surface, water table, there are sources of consciousness in the Earth. There are sources of consciousness that have their community. Gaia herself … OK, too sleepy, too relaxed. This will do for today.

Continued: The Richness of Earth’s Story (Sirians Pt. 4)