When I was about 7, I wrote in pencil on the title page of my Bible story quiz book:

“I know there is a God, because if there was no God, there would not be me.”

My father was a United Church minister and God was top of mind, especially on Sundays.

By the time I reached my teens, I had learned the words “atheist” and “agnostic” and was trying to decide which one I was.

In high school, my friends included Catholics, Anglicans, a Muslim and a Baha’i. We talked about religion a lot. I delved into what the religions had in common, wanting to know Truth with a capital ‘T’. Was even Truth real?

Meanwhile, my secular education left me asking the question: is there anything after death? Are we only made of stuff that can be described by physics and chemistry?

That’s when I came across a book, Life After Life, written by a medical doctor, Raymond Moody, who was surprised when patients who came back after being clinically dead had similar stories about their experiences.

That book opened me up again to the existence of the soul and a reality for it after death. If it could change the mind of a medical doctor, with all his evidence-based scientific training, there was something to it.

Since then (the early 70s), the “Near Death Experience” has acquired its own acronym, NDE, and many “experiencers” have gone public with their stories and what they learned on the “other side”. Their lives were changed, and they have a few messages for the rest of us.

The following video is a compilation of what NDE experiencers have to say. It’s rich and long, and flows beautifully as it is arranged into themes as they are addressed by the different speakers. Beautiful visuals and music add to the message.

I’m sharing the video here on my blog because it offers a look into the world beyond our physical Earth lives that we access in Quantum Healing sessions – a world ruled by unconditional love.

I encourage you to watch it the whole thing, even if you must do it in stages.