A fascinating introduction to the cosmic Repository of Knowledge about Earth and other worlds. We humans copied the idea of this living Database for Wikipedia, but the wiki that resides in the 7th dimension is grander than our tiny minds can imagine. It provides the contextual background for the record of lives lived which is the Akashic Library. I’m sure that some clients and channels I’ve worked with have tapped into it before, but this is the first time I learned about its existence explicitly.

How we learned about the Cosmic Wiki

They met on Venus, K and her “Monastery” friends, at the beginning of a BQH session. Why Venus? Why not? She hadn’t been there in a while. The Venusian landscape was mountainous and red, just like the pictures she saw later when she looked it up.

The beings hovered around her with their big eyes. “I feel like I’m not fully seeing them; I’m just aware of them.” They were ready for her questions. They were ready before we even started. They spoke collectively.

For this session, she had wanted to understand more about her particular intelligence, which we Earthlings label ADD: a lightning-quick mind with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and a propensity to jump from one topic to another by making connections that others may not see. She is always coming up with original ideas and novel ways of looking at things.

Her own body in this scene was different than those of her friends, but, “It’s not so important what I look like or what I am. What’s important is that I’m there.”

Why the term “Monastery”? “We live together, we are somewhat isolated, we are devoted and dedicated to raising useful intelligence in whatever ways we can. Sometimes we are called upon, and sometimes we work behind the scenes.”

They, along with many others, maintain a huge Repository of Knowledge, a Cosmic Database, a gigantic living Wikipedia, in the 7th dimensional spirit world.

And their relationship with K? “She is an old friend of ours.” She has stayed with them before for periods of time and then gets a little bored and travels. (Has an incarnation somewhere, perhaps.) “She’s always welcome here and she contributes to our expanding knowledge in her own way.”

What did they mean by “raising useful intelligence”? “Useful intelligence is the kind that assists beings in becoming more aware and raising their vibration at many levels: mental, spiritual, emotional. The other kind of intelligence is fact-hoarding. It can be useful in the early days as a form of training and practice for accumulating information, but at some point, one can become overwhelmed with information and facts which serve no useful purpose.” They made analogies with junk food, and with consuming the kinds of entertainment which contribute nothing to one’s growth and evolution.

How are K’s contributions on the scale of usefulness? “We like the way she sees the connection between so many things. We store not only information but the network of connections.” (An internet analogy to such connections would be hyperlinks.)

Keeping it up to date: There’s an archival facet to their work as well. When information is no longer useful or relevant or even factual, it’s removed from the active Database and archived for possible reference. “We don’t like to impinge the Database with outdated information.”

It’s not the Akashic Library. The Database is “connected to the Akashic Records in some ways but it’s a separate structure in the sense that it’s not so much focused on individual lives, like the Akashic Records, but on the evolution of information and how it affects the evolution of the beings that are using the information – or misusing the information.” More on the difference between the two here.

She laughed as she realized how we have mimicked the Database here on Earth. “It’s like Wikipedia on steroids.  So it’s constantly being updated, but unlike Wikipedia, they don’t fight with each other over it.”

Contributing to and using the Cosmic Wiki

How does K’s information get to them? “She’s pretty much linked in 24/7. As soon as she absorbs, we have access. We have many people who do this. It’s not for the faint of heart. It requires an ability to separate information and emotion, which is not to say that these people feel no emotion, but the amounts of information processed and subsequently transmitted would be overwhelming if they were to experience the emotion in the world which is connected with the information they’re gathering.” (Another way of saying this might be that these people are not triggered emotionally by the information.)

What happens to this information? Where is its usefulness, besides your own curiosity? “People [i.e. spirits] who are studying Earth, people who are studying humanity, people within humanity who have access to this Database, not always knowingly. They have access through what they call ‘ideas’.”

At this point, K spoke up, as herself. “Ah-hah, this is me. For many, many years I would say, ‘I have access to the universal idea factory’.”

The Database is constantly being updated. It’s a living, pulsating mass of information and ideas. “Some people can access it consciously at will. They understand what it is, and where it is, and how to connect. Other people, perhaps not as efficiently, but not necessarily, access it through contemplation, reflection. But it allows one to see the connections and the evolution and growth of humanity over time.”

Do the spirits who help people prepare for incarnations access this Database? “It is one of their tools, but there are many. It can assist in identifying probable trends in a given lifetime. There is also a geolocation component. If you were choosing where to incarnate, it could be useful in seeing not only evolution at the planetary scale, but also in regions.”

How does K’s so-called ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’ contribute to this? “The irony is that there’s no deficit of attention. There is in fact the opposite, but it can move so quickly that people who can’t keep up have called it ‘deficit’. These people do not wish to have slow minds and because they are dealing with living information, there is less attraction to objects of denser existence.” Material things are so static. “It takes great effort to slow the mind to deal with the denser aspect of earthly existence. Which is why nature is so uplifting because it’s dynamic and constantly changing.”

K has been contributing to this Database for many lives. There’s a kind of programming done around birth, a frequency in the mind that acts like a transmitter.

“Even people’s individual lived experiences can contribute to the Database, in terms of [documenting] possible outcomes of specific situations. It’s one thing to be observing what’s going on in Ukraine, for example, at this moment, but [another thing] to be living some very intense experiences. That also contributes.”

But it’s different from the Akashic Records, though, which is your own experience. “It’s not so personal. It’s more like, here’s a situation; this is how it could develop. This is a tendency for this…. It looks a lot like scientific research, but it’s not limited to science. So, imagine how people study psychology, biology, whatever, and they’re looking at what they call facts, and even those aren’t always agreed upon.”

What dimension is the Database kept in? It currently resides in the 7th dimension, but they’re working on upgrading it to the 8th. “It’s not quite time yet.” (The 7th dimension, in this classification, is a realm of pure spirit, though a very light physicality can exist. To ascend there after an incarnation, the personality has to process and heal to the point where it can drop the emotional/astral body and surrender to the higher self. Then it no longer identifies only as that particular personality. There is unity consciousness, but spirits still operate as individuals.)

Beings from higher dimensions have to lower their vibration to access the database.

There are humans who have had access to the Database. “There are people who through their own gifts and openness were able, are able, to plunge in.” Einstein was one. Carl Sagan another.

How many people on earth are contributing to it? Does everybody, or is it only certain people?  “It depends on how you look at it. At some level you could say everybody, because everybody’s connected, but not everybody has useful information to contribute. They do sometimes have some interest in people who are experts in certain fields. There’s almost like an exchange. Like we’ll give you some ideas, and then you give us back your input, your expertise, what you know.”

Does it take energy to transmit information? K said, “I’m getting that it’s fairly effortless when I’m able to give it my attention. If my attention is divided, like I have to get more firewood, or there’s something boiling on the stove, or I have to pay this bill, that kind of earthly stuff, then it pulls me down and it feels like it’s more effort, but it really isn’t. When I’m not doing anything else, I’m temporarily focused in this higher frequency, this higher vibration. Like today I spent a couple hours sitting in bed doing nothing but transmitting, and I wasn’t tired at all.” It’s a state of mind that she enjoys.

That doesn’t necessarily mean being online and following the news and making connections, although at this stage of her life, in her 60s, she does that a lot. “It can also be like contemplating. Like when I was studying the Gene Keys, and there were these moments late at night when I would be playing with these concepts and these ideas. And I don’t know if they were feeding me or I was feeding them, but I could feel these openings.”

What’s my relationship to this? I asked. “The word I heard was guide, you’re a guide,” said K. “Because you are at such ease in this world, and not this world [i.e. in other realms], you are a guide who shows and takes people to places many would not encounter if left to their own devices. And this also helps raise their frequency as they remember, and so directly and indirectly you also contribute to the Database. With you, they enjoy observing the influence that the work you do has on people. That’s the guide work. You take someone to a new experience, a new place, a renewed experience; perhaps they’ve forgotten. You take them there and then there is an effect. What happens to them. What happens to you. Because you are not untouched by the experience. Case in point,” she said, referring to the present session.

Scope and complexity

The scope of the Database is huge. K explained, “It’s about ideas, trends, tendencies, looking at entire cultures, entire planets, entire solar systems. It’s hard for us to wrap our tiny little minds around the immensity. So it’s easier to relate it to something that we do understand like the Wikipedia, like the scientific method, like research.”

Do you collect data on the astral realm as well as the physical earth? “We see all.

“Not all information is useful to each person, each being that accesses. It’s not about what is allowed, it’s about what you are capable of. If you speak one language, and you pick up a book that’s written in another language, it is of no use to you. It is very similar with our Database. If you are operating at a certain frequency of awareness, there is information that is of no use to you. It is the same.

“If your simple mind could truly comprehend, not intellectually, but truly comprehend the divine complexity of your human bodies, with each cell, each organ, each brain, the connection, the communication; that would give you a glimpse of perception into what this Repository contains.”