The client, a woman in her 40s, had been experiencing a lot of anxiety, to the extent that she would take an anti-anxiety prescription medication every few days to quell it. She could feel blocks and knots in her solar plexus and throat. After exploring a beautiful, 7th-dimensional past life, the Higher Self led us to address the blockages.

First she was given some information about her father, who was narcissistic and abusive. “I’m seeing someone stuck in darkness, afraid, terrified. He’s completely in the dark, and he feels vulnerable, as if he’s blind. He could be struck anywhere at anytime. It is almost like an innocence. A very pitiful state. Someone who never had control.”

“So,” I asked, “he had to control others?”

“He has to control or – it’s like a fear of death. So fearful.” The fear came from “having no control, having chaos around him, being hurt, having no control and having no protection.” Such a compassionate view of a man who had gaslighted her since childhood!

“Can she help him?” I asked.

“She can show him there’s stillness. This is only ego. She can be an example to him when she’s in her own stillness and centered. It transmits information that’s better understood than words. He’ll be able to pick this up energetically, will understand this intuitively in a way that will help him not to be afraid. But she does not need to fix him. The best action is to be an example.”

Knowing this could be a challenge, I asked, “Can she maintain that stillness when she’s with him?”

“Keep interaction to a bare minimum. And when you’re in his presence, stand in your stillness. Stillness bridges the mind. It goes above all fear. It will calm him. It will show him an example. And that is for her protection as well, to stand in her stillness when she’s around negative people.”

I asked if we could clear any blockages from that relationship that were in her energy field. The Higher Self (HS) described “blades” – thoughtforms projected by her father for her speaking her truth, which were stuck in the her heart and throat centres (chakras). They had turned into self-loathing. Her father had tried to convince her that she was unlovable. The thoughtform presented in the etheric level as a sharp, volcanic black rock, which had shattered. To the HS, it was an illusion and a lie, and the way to dispel the illusions was through the breath. Follow the breath to “bypass the mind that attaches to these forms.” This instruction corresponded with the meditation practice that she had recently taken up, which the HS strongly encouraged her to continue.

“Breath follows to the true self. The true self knows these are illusions.” She should practice daily. “It’s important she remain high-vibrational. Every day in the morning. Follow the breath. Breath will open to the true self, bypass the mind, the ego. This must be daily. Until stillness is ingrained in her life in such a way that the majority of her day is spent in stillness. She’ll know. It’ll be palpable.” Quartz crystals would help because they match the frequency she had in her 7d past life.

Like so many of us, she needed to learn to love herself. “Consciously practice self-caring, self-kindness, doing this daily to take care of herself. Eating properly, staying away from negative people, low-vibration people. Stay more in tune with your truth. Saying no without explanation to situations that aren’t right. This kind of self-care, compassion for self, will be reflected outward as well. Learning to love oneself.”

In many cases, we work to transform a negative thoughtform that the client created into a chosen positive one. In this case, the client’s Higher Self wanted her to develop her meditation practice and self-care to lift her out of the illusion of her father’s projections, and to recognize the illusion for what it is.


“She talks about anxiety that she feels in her gut. Take a look at her solar plexus,” I requested.

“It’s out of control. Unhealthy. Constantly going…. It’s aggravated.”

“What’s aggravating it?” I asked.

“Influences of the world. Fourth dimensional entities. They’re around her.”

“What draws them to her?” I asked?

“Her light. They seek to shut her down.” I asked one of the entities to speak and tell me what they wanted.

“We don’t wish for ascension.”

“You don’t want to ascend yourselves, or you don’t want the earth to ascend?”


“Well, the earth’s ascending. This is happening. Why don’t you want to ascend yourself?”

“We aren’t capable.”

“Tell me about yourself. Where are you from?”

“What you call the lower realms.”

“But you know that all beings are capable of ascension. Who told you that you weren’t capable?”

“There is no connection with God.”

“Who told you that? … With love, honour and respect for all beings, even those in the lower realms…”

“We wish to stay here.”

Why do you find it comfortable there?”

“What is known. There is no connection with God.”

“So you’ve cut yourself off from connection with God?”

“It simply is that way.”

Note that it is important to talk to an entity to find out why it is where it is. Most entities are simply souls who got lost and didn’t find their way to the “light” or “heaven” where they can continue their evolution. Some got caught in the false light of their own rigid belief system. Sometimes it was the suddenness or violence of their death that left them in shock, or they were so weighted down with guilt that they could not bring themselves to rise up; they forgot their own divinity.

So I continued speaking to the entities. I told them, “All souls, even in the lower realms, can make the choice for the light. We are all sparks of the creator. You were created. You exist. If you exist, you were created. If you were created, then you came from the creator. If you have consciousness, you have a spark of light inside you. It’s there, even if it’s covered with mud. I invite you to look inside yourself and find that tiny spark. Because there is help for you, to connect you with God.” I paused. “What draws you to the client?”


“You have that potential within yourself. What makes her open to your influence?”

“She’s not fully aware that we’re there, influencing.”

“How many of you are there?”


“And how long have you been hanging around her? When did you step in?”

“When she went through a painful betrayal and her heart was hurt.”

“Tell me about yourself. Did you have a human body?” I wanted to be sure that this was a case of a lost soul.


“What year is it for you?”


“What happened to your body?”

There was a long pause. “Injured. Stomach. By a man with a knife.”

“I’m so sorry you lost your body. Why did you not go to the light then? Were you drinking? Did you know what to do?”

“Got lost. God didn’t come.”

“But do you know that God is inside each one of you? Through your heart, inside you. You were expecting God to come to you, but you have God inside yourself. The part of you that knows the direction home.”

“I was lost.”

“I’m so sorry you got lost. Would you like me to help you find your way home?” Often at this point, the entity is happy to accept our help.

But this fellow was stuck in his despondency. “There’s no God,” he said again.

I wasn’t sure if I believed in archangels before I began this work. I do now. Clients, as well as their entity attachments, see them and describe them to me. Archangels are always ready to come when we ask them. If we are taught anything about them as children, it is often with so much twisted dogma that as we grow up, we tend to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Now I was ready for their help to help these lost souls find their own light in the darkness in which they had enveloped themselves. “I would like to invite Archangel Michael and his host of angels to come and surround you in a mesh, a web of golden light. A cocoon of golden light. And allow him to help you find that source of light within yourself, your light of consciousness. And to surround all seven of you with love and light. And help you find that light, all of you, within your own selves. And tell me when you start to get a glimmer of it. Look within. That consciousness that’s simply aware of who you are. That part of you that remembers. Tell me when you see it.”

(Later, the client recalled a shift in energy at this moment.)

“I see it!”

“What does it look like? How does it feel?”

“White light.”

“Polish it off a bit. How about your buddies?”

There was a great laugh. “It’s truth! It’s in them too!”

“Can you see it in each other?”

“Yes. There’s no hiding. And it’s quite silly. Like saying one thing but the truth is in front of you. It’s funny. They look silly.” There was great chuckling.

“Laughing lightens the heart, too. Are you ready to go to the light then?”


“Would you like to tell [my client] anything before you go?”

Spirits can be slow to learn, but very fast to integrate. “Remember this. Duality is an illusion.”

Before sending the brothers off with Archangel Michael, I asked them to tell me what he looked like. “A large angel, wearing a blue robe, blond hair, very strong.”

So off they went with him, until they reported seeing infinite love waiting for them. I thanked them and said goodbye with a blessing. Then I asked for Archangel Raphael and the Higher Self to fill all the space they had left behind with infinite love and healing light.

These last steps are important ones. We don’t want to leave the client open and vulnerable to more attachments. The amount of healing and increased awareness in a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session can launch a client ahead with a “quantum leap”. Staying there requires establishing new habits, new thought patterns, and commitment to loving oneself.

After the session the client slept for 16 hours and the next day reported feeling much lighter and cleansed, and less caught up in negative patterns. It was the kind of session that clears away a buildup of obstacles that we can create for ourselves as we go through life, opening up new paths to choose from with a lighter heart.