From a session with the 9th dimensional Arcturian Council channelled by Daniel Scranton in February 2021.

H: I have the great fortune, once in a while, to talk with relatives who’ve passed on through a medium. So as I talk with them over time, the first thing they say after they die is that time doesn’t exist anymore for them, and yet there is sequence that I see in what they go through. Certain things happen before other things. And that sequence seems to unfold with respect to our timeline, because over time, they tell us of things that they are doing in sequence. And then Dolores Cannon, whose work I do, said something in a channelling by someone else about ‘outer time’ and ‘inner time’. So I wonder if you could explain about the time dimension and how it works in other dimensions away from earth.

AC: Well, it’s all by agreement. Time is an agreement. It allows you to come together at an agreed-upon time. Something that everyone can say, this is when that time is. So this is when we will be getting together, or chatting, or starting this new program. It’s helpful in that regard. It’s helpful for you to keep track of when things are, so that you can have agreements about when things are going to be paid, about when they’re going to be able to drive a car, and all of the things that you have agreements about there on earth. So you agreed that you would measure time by the spinning of the earth and the movement of the earth around the sun, which makes perfect, logical sense. And all that is something that happens outside of the individual, so even though the individual experiences day and night, and experiences crops growing and crops needing to be harvested, and colder times and warmer times, you still have to look outside of yourself for any way of keeping track of all of that in a system of clocks and calendars.

When you get to a certain level of consciousness, you get to the point where all of those things don’t matter anymore. You realize that you come together based on vibration. So when the vibration is right for two beings or more to be in each other’s presence, then they will, so you don’t have to make an appointment, and agree on a time and a location for that to happen. You trust that it will happen because it always does. You don’t need to sleep, you don’t need to eat. If you want it to be day, it can be day. If you want it to be night, it can be night. You don’t have to age. You don’t have to see things deteriorate. If you want food, you can have food, not that you need food but you can have it and it can come to you instantaneously and you don’t have to worry if the timing is right to pick that piece of fruit or that vegetable. And so time does become less relevant, but as you have noted, beings still experience growth, and growth does happen through experience. And there is a logical unfolding of experiences that will ultimately result in one’s spiritual growth. If everything were happening in an illogical way, it would be hard for the soul to grow from those experiences because there would be no consequence. There would be no result of something having had happened.

H: Is there a time matrix then that applies in the 5th dimension? It sounds like what you’re describing would be a 5d kind of time.

AC: It is a 5d experience, what we are describing, and it becomes even more so when you’re non-physical, so after a being goes to the non-physical aspect of reality then it becomes even less and less of an idea, of a concept that you have to live by. Whereas you needed to have it, and it has actually served you well, especially when you talk about people who master life on Earth and master inner time and knowing that they can slow time down, they can speed time up, they can stop time, they can stop everything if they want to and exist in the moment purely. So that’s one of the ways it has served you. It also serves people in the sense that it puts them under the gun, so to speak, under pressure, and that pressure can actually cause someone to crack, but it can cause them to rise up as well to meet that.

H: Yeah. So what about space, then. Because we look out at the stars, and we have measurements in light-years as to how far away they are. Is space the same, away from 3d?

AC: Even within 3d, it’s easier to get to these different planets and systems that a person might think that travels by combustible engine vehicle, because if you have the ability to teleport, or if you have the ability to use a portal or wormhole to get from one place to another, you can. You just have to know where to go and how to use them, so you’re not as limited there as you might think you are.

H: So there are people living in 3d situations where these wormholes exist in 3d?

AC: Yes.

H: Are they the same wormholes for a 5d being or a 7d being?

AC: They don’t need wormholes. Once you get up to that level, you don’t need them. Yes, there are fifth dimensional wormholes, but they’re for fun. There’s a choice you make to have an experience, but you don’t need it. Whereas now, you need something to get you from point A to point B, because even a teleportation machine is something that you are using.

H: So physical space is still physical space. We will still know it as physical space as we ascend.

AC: Yes. That will be something you will agree upon to a certain extent, but even physical space will be in the eye of the beholder to a certain extent. You will want to agree that this is Venus, and this is Arcturus, and this is Andromeda; you will want to have that type of agreement between each other so that you are on the same page when you’re having a conversation. You may to someone, “That wormhole ride was rough, wasn’t it?” And then they will say, “Well, I took a portal, and it was so easy.” Because even in the fifth dimension you’ll have a time period of adjustment where you won’t all be teleporting all the time, but eventually you’ll be able to go wherever you want in an instant.