A transcript of a channelling by Dawn Schwarz, July 31, 2020.

The subject of trauma kept coming up for her during the previous week. She listened, wondered and asked, then received and recorded the following perspective from the Divine. Video is below. Anything in square brackets is mine, added to clarify or to comment.

Hello dear ones.

You have suffered much pain. You have held traumas that you did not even recognize as traumas. And you want them to go away and heal, and you want to heal other people’s traumas. That is because, my dear ones, you were not supposed to ever have traumas. You know this deep in your soul.

You are carrying trauma from this life, trauma from past lives, trauma you don’t even know you’re still carrying. And you want to make it go away. You’ve always wanted to make it heal and not be there anymore. You want the magic bullet, and you’ve been told there is one.

Listen. In the perspective that you’re in now, [living on 3d Earth,] there is a weighing that puts value on everything. The weighing of decisions is not done with the soul or the heart. It is [done through] a rationalization of the mind.

In this weighing, it is considered how [a person’s] action affects the outcome. But it’s weighed out [i.e. assigned a monetary value]. Harm and pain are given a value, and there is considered to be lesser values and major values. A jabbing comment is [valued at] something, but it’s considered to be of lesser value. Murder is considered to be of the highest value. In between there is a range of values placed upon things.

This why we have said that what you are experiencing here is the darkest of the dark, because a value system to pain has been created. The value system goes on to [assign values to] things that affect the value system [itself; e.g. contempt of court, assaulting a police officer etc].

One [factor in the value system] is what you consider to be the degree of the pain; that which you believe is quicker, more able to heal. And the second [factor] is how valuable is the person on whom the pain is afflicted. Even in your legal systems, it is all about this value system. If someone injures someone else and has to pay them a fine – think about this. If someone causes harm to someone and they have to pay a fine, and someone else decides how much that pain is worth, it is an actual value system. And if someone pays a fine, then the one who receives the fine has been “compensated”, or given due payment for what they have suffered. And the issue should be at that point settled and done. This is why you are in the darkest of the dark.

Oh my goodness, dear ones. These concepts, these processes by which you see harm in oneself and others – [big sigh].

We’ll now explain what is really occurring to the souls. You know, but even when someone says this out loud, the rationalization booby traps come on and quickly try to undo it, because this is too difficult to accept. This is why you are at the darkest of the dark.

Pain is an experience that always tells us, Stop. Stop. Because love is a tender thing, safety is a tender thing. We are powerful. We are amazing. But there is a limit ….

Think of Divinity as it is often thought of: as light. Imagine that you take a light, a lantern, and you go outside, deep into nature, let’s say a very large field, and you walk into the middle of the field with this lantern. It is deep night, and the moon is not out, so it feels very, very dark, but you have your lantern.

Imagine that this lantern is your divinity. When you hold the lantern, you can see around you because the lantern is shining the light. This is like your own divinity. Because your own divinity is light, you can see around you.

Pain covers a sliver of your divinity. It interferes with your divinity; it blocks part of the light. When your light is blocked, you feel the pain. And that pain is telling you stop whatever you are doing that is affecting your ability to connect to your divinity. That is what the pain is. The pain is actually your divinity being blocked. And the pain is telling you to quit whatever is blocking you.

This is what is supposed to happen. It’s supposed to be a quick process. A natural safeguard that exists in all that is divine.

But what has occurred is that something came in and blocked your divinity a little bit, and you felt the pain, but you couldn’t remove that thing that was causing it. So you got used to that block being there. You got used to that pain. And you could still see out the rest of the lantern. You were a little bit dimmer, but it was still ok.

And then something else came and blocked a little bit of your divinity. Now you could say, “Well, what could block the divinity?”

Lies block divinity. When you tell a lie, or when you hear a lie, it blocks divinity just a little bit. But every lie blocks divinity.

Lack of love blocks divinity. When you pull away from or dissociate from another, and experience a lack of connection and love, for another or even for yourself, there is a twinge of pain. But as you get more and more used to it, you stop noticing that the twinge of pain is blocking your divinity.

When another causes harm to us, that causes pain, which means our divinity is being blocked.

These are the things that are blocking divinity. Lies are the biggest one. You would think it would be other things, but lies are the biggest one, because lies, as they exist there [on Earth], are everywhere, in everything, from who you are, what you are, your worth, everything. It is built on lies and the lies are so deep and so many and on so many levels, and they’re blocking your divinity to the point that for many of you, there’s so much “untruth”. 

[The word] “lies” has a connotation of “on purpose”; but it does not always have to be on purpose, it could just be an untruth that was given to you and passed down and you’ve accepted and you didn’t know it was a lie.

You get used to the pain and you don’t realize it.

So what has happened, my dear ones, is all these traumas, and every lie believed, every lie brought into your being, is a trauma. So these traumas have accrued.

Now you’re thinking of trauma as deep, physical suffering and pain or loss, and those are very big traumas, very deep, and they’re so loud that even in your acclimated position you realize that they’re traumas. But they only exist because so much of your light is already cut off with lies and untruths.

Imagine again, you’re in the field. There is no moon, deep in the night. And say that far in the distance, miles away, is a streetlight. And then over there you see another streetlight. And you find something to focus on.

These are what I’m going to call “false lights”. From your perspective, it seems like light. These are false ideas that you have accepted as light because your own light has become completely blocked. So you immediately start to search for other light.

And you see something shining in the distance, and you say, “I will use that light to help me move around.” But the light is miles away. That speck of light does not help you where you’re standing. it does not help you to see where your feet are. It does not help you to direct [where you step] and move through this field. But it’s the only light you can see.

And so instead of working on removing all the things that are blocking your own light so you can see clearly around you, you have been induced to take these false and distant lights that are so far away, and try to use those to help you move. And you’re always moving towards those lights like a moth to the flame.

These are funny [deceiving] lights because they’re not your own divinity. They’re a carrot on a stick. As you’re moving towards [one of these lights], it’s always moving further away, because it’s not your light. It is taking you down paths that lead you farther into darkness, and you don’t know because you’re so desperate in your soul. This is light and you [think you] have no light [of your own]!