A fellow BQH practitioner saw a client who had strong psychic abilities and a great many spirit guides, and whose Higher Self said was one of a limited number of “seeders”. What, she wondered, is a seeder?

Hollow Bones:

A seeder’s task is to spread consciousness and higher awareness to parts of the physical universe that have not been occupied yet or fully occupied, i.e. awakened to their own reality.

S [a guide] was sent to remote corners of the universe that are not as occupied as where we are. Our galaxy has numerous centres of advanced consciousness. But there are areas of the physical universe that aren’t occupied or are sparsely occupied by aware beings. Seeders go to these areas to keep the vibrations active, so it’s not just dead matter there.

There are more subtle aspects to it that I can’t access right now. I don’t know how it works. It’s advanced souls like S who do that.  Instead of reincarnating [given the “All hands on deck!” urgency imposed by the current shift on Earth], S went off seeding. It’s a specialized task. It’s advanced co-creation. We’re all co-creators, but this is advanced work for those few souls who do it. 

Image: A 10.5-billion-year-old globular cluster, NGC 6496, whose stars are enriched with much higher proportions of elements heavier than hydrogen and helium than stars found in similar clusters. The cluster resides at about 35 000 light-years away in the southern constellation of Scorpius (The Scorpion). From the Hubble telescope, courtesy of NASA.