By Dawn Schwarz, July 8, 2020 – This message follows on a previous one: Only one timeline now in play. Transcribed and gently edited for flow by Heather. Video is below.

You have been asking, as things are now aligning to a certain path, if we could speed things up.

No. Because the nature of the universe and of God is love. And though it is now realized that this is the best path for everyone, there needs to be – the choice for the 2 earths was a plan that many have spent a lot of working effort on. And they were very aligned with this plan. And there were those of different societies and cultures who were allowed to have more input into working with this plan in the hopes that it would help their culture also. But as it became known that the 2 Earth paths would not have the outcome that was hoped for or that would benefit anyone really – in the short term it seemed that there would be benefit. And we were willing to give that a try. It sounded like a good plan; it had not been done before. And the concept and idea of two planets in a time like this has been set aside, not for Earth, but if a situation arises but is not quite as extreme, it could be used at an earlier point. So it is not that the idea of having a planet split off and have two planets to allow paths to follow through – it is not going to be – it is too late. It was too far gone.

Right now, in the area in which you are living [Dawn lives in Georgia, USA], there is a virus. We are not going to discuss that. There are too many people that have too strong views and opinions. We have made known some info but are not going into it too deeply because we love you and we want you to be calm and peaceful and understand, and not get worked up and close your mind and your heart and be dogmatic about things. Just by illustration, there is a virus growing in the area in which she/you live. And there was a basic plan put in place. When you know that there is something that is infectious, early on, quarantine those who have the virus and those who’ve been exposed to the virus, and the populace itself is being cautious, you can control it more quickly. But it only works when the virus has not got past a certain point. Not too widespread, just in the early stages.

We will say that the European countries who instituted a strong quarantining, recognizing that the spread of this virus occurred before the strong symptoms manifested, and so did the strong quarantining, and also put safeguards up to assure the populace of their wellbeing, we were very pleased with that. We were very pleased at the heart that was shown, the love that was shown. You were touching your divinity in those moments, and we’re very pleased with you.

But in the area were she [Dawn] resides, it is too late to work on individualized quarantining. It has become too widespread, too pervasive. You cannot control it at this point by just quarantining those who are sick and those who have come in contact. There is too much.

So at the place where Earth is at now, the idea of trying to quarantine those of deepest separation, it will not work, because there are too many, their intention is spread too thoroughly throughout. You are experiencing a separating taking place, an organic natural pulling together of those whose vibrations are compatible. There are too many that are of deep separation. If they were on a separate quarantined planet, or experience – it was going to be more than just a single planet – it was seen that, rather than them waking up to their divinity, they would become too complete, too solidified in their separation, and that it would not open their hearts. It would not open them to their divinity because it was too far gone. Such a thing could work, but not in such an extreme case.

It could be explained, using this virus again as an illustration: if someone is ill and they are quarantined in their home, as long as the illness can be dealt with at home and they can get better, it will run its course and that’s fine. But if they need ventilators and more drastic medical care, they will have to go to a hospital….

But at this point, there’s an overwhelming of those who are able to care for the most extreme cases. A quarantine would only cause mass extinction, that is all, that is why two Earths did not prove beneficial in moving forward for our outcome and love. The singularity of removing them completely is going to be the best plan, but because of its extremeness, and the nature of the universe being love, we are instituting a program. It is being conceived, it is not worked out completely in all the details. It is being experimented with.

Going back to the virus thing, there are different treatment methods that are being tried with those. It is possible that – imagine that time is experience within a bubble. We can bring souls out of the bubble, try treatment plans and try to find healing for the very souls themselves, taking them out of time, and spending as much “time” as necessary with the individual souls, with the big teams, to address and work and try to help the souls, not the individual people that are on Earth but the soul itself, to bring healing and recuperation. It may take a long “time” – I know we’re taking them out of time, but – understand that the universe, our nature, is love.

Those who are going to undertake trying to rehabilitate those souls that are too far gone, respecting the free will of the souls, but we are recognizing that they are – the Time Weaver has made an argument. God the Source of all Light has given to his creations free will. It is a gift, because the idea of not-free will did not seem to be – he trusted the divinity of them, and therefore allowed them to take their paths. Because of course he would. But now that so many have come into this place of separation where they cannot connect to their divinity, their behavior is – Some have become like insane to the point where they are not capable of making their own decisions. [She searches for a word; I think it’s “incompetent”.] Their lack of connection to their divinity has led them to be making decisions without comprehension of what is going to happen.

And the Time Weaver has put forth an argument that even in the plane in which she is living at this time, the governments recognize that if there is an individual who lacks capacity to make their own decisions for their own well-being, that they can be deemed as [incompetent].

There are some few who fully understand the repercussions, and that is different. But there are many that are just lost. They are behaving without capacity. So we are working on devising an emergency plan to work with the souls of these individuals to help them regain enough capacity so they can understand the decisions that they are making. We are not allowing them to just allow their reactions to control them.

Not everyone is on board with this. There are fractions [factions?] that, as this decision for the singularity and the one timeline, as this info started to spread out and be known, there were those, many, who are very committed to the previous path, and were not pleased with this choice. And lots of dissension. Because they did not see even themselves clearly. Allowing them to see in themselves where they have separated from their own divinity. It is a time of revealing and healing, yes. We like that. Revealing can be both glorious and – if you are very assured that a path you are taking is wise, in who you are, if you suddenly find out that there’s problems there, it can be very difficult. It’s always better to know. But it can still be difficult. And there are many that are having difficulties with this. They liked it more drawn out. It gave them wiggle room to continue on in some of their own paths that were not truly aligned with divinity.

They will be fine once the Shift occurs, because it is going to be beautiful, and it’s going to be like a deep breath, a deep (sigh) “This feels so good, how did I ever forget this?” And when this comes, they will laugh at themselves, and the little things they were holding on to, they will see things more clearly. More obviously. We could say that at that point, when the Shift occurs, every time we say it we see it as it’s occurring and we see the relief and the joy, and it makes us happy, very happy.

It’s back to remembering the hungry child story. The child thinks it will be put off, but the mother says, “Go and sit down. It’s all ready.” And when the child sits at the table, they see all of their favorite dishes there, their favorite desserts, party hats, balloons, and they were thinking it would just be a regular dinner, maybe one they didn’t even like. And then they find out OMG it’s a party, and it’s for me, and all my favorite foods and people and it’s wonderful! And when the child sees this, the fact that he was hungry is just forgotten.

Experiencing the Shift will be like that. It will be more than you can believe and remember. And that is what is needed. The wave of divinity must fill all things.

As we are saying this, she has questionings, because this is what she’s always wanted. She’s still trying to come to terms in acceptance of who she is. It is very – could it really be? Yes, my dear. But this is ok. It does not really even matter whether someone hears this or believes this. You do not even have to share, because it will not make a difference. What is going to happen is going to happen, whether they know it or not does not make a difference.

We can wait until you feel comfortable. And then we will try then. The plans are being put in place. And it is not exactly as you had in mind, but we are taking councils, we have our own ideas too, but you as the Time Weaver have a perspective that is unique in the complexity of how it connects to the individuals in your own way. And even as you wanted to see evil ended, you also have had twinges of “maybe we could try this”. And so, the singularity is the only best option, and that is what is chosen. But as I said in the beginning, every soul will know, every soul will be worked with. This is going to be very, very complex. It’s going to be done individualized, not en masse. It is not going to be like an announcement on your TV, or an Amber Alert on your phone. This is going to be done on an individual basis. It will be quicker and easier with those who are already more aligned with their divinity. And a lot more “time” and effort will be on those who have separated from your divinity. Their souls are going to be in ICU outside of time. It’s already starting.

But you want to know a timeline from the experience on Earth. Inside of time, there is still fluctuation. But the healing must come. It cannot be prolonged. Prolonging will not make it better. So do not worry that by working with souls in ICU outside of time that it will cause everything to have to go back. No. Because as we find treatment plans and things that work with individual souls, it will speed up the process, in a sense. Just relax. What you are feeling a lot is your personal adjusting. It is going to be fine. Everything is working out. It is going to be fine.