We asked our Monastery contacts in the Cosmic Wiki introduced here:

What can you tell us about current trends in sex and gender, with people exploring gender, sexual orientation and various ways of expressing sexuality?

In our realm [these are 7th dimensional beings] we have no gender identities. We are fluid. We can share love at many different levels in many different ways, from with ourselves to large assemblies. And the love, the sharing of ourselves with others, is not limited by physical constructs and labels. And so, on your planet, more and more people are enticed by the memories of unlimited sharing of love. The more a human being feels rooted and identifies with duality, the more this fluidity challenges their beliefs in duality. And rather than face their own fear and question their own discomfort, they prefer to eliminate the cause of their discomfort.

But this new wave is unstoppable. There will be, there has been, there will continue to be, suffering along the way, but the people who choose these paths do it in the name of love, though they may forget. But before they incarnate, they commit to that.

The Bible and what some people call Christianity has been taken hostage by groups of people who want the earth to stay in a limited, controlled existence. And so, they legislate, attack, desecrate, in the false name of God, Jesus, the Bible. They do this to control. They want to limit the expansion. So when they use the word love, their meaning is but a fraction of ours. It’s very limited.