Channelled by Steve on March 20, 2020, while I was playing the singing bowls for him:

The spirit of Gaia is here. She says she’s not doing the work right now – it’s the trees, plants, nature, who are doing the work, sending us good vibes. Humans need to get good vibes from nature, to feel the pull back to nature. And it’s happening, sometimes on a per-household basis, so we have a spirit of Gaia attending spirits of the trees and the flowers, and your gardens, of course, and the forest, all represented. And they are pouring love and regard and compassion upon us, because they know humans are being tested, and they’re being recalibrated. That’s the term they use. And it’s being done on a very local basis with the participation of nature. This is why nature right now is being very important and cooperative, where it can be represented. There are a lot of highly densely populated areas where it’s poorly represented. There’s very little patches of trees or anything. And it’s only represented by indoor plants, which do the job too. It’s like a shower coming from both the air and the ground.

It’s neat to see nature is participating in this revival effort. Even Spirit was dying. Spirits don’t die, but the human spirit as a collective was fragmenting, falling apart into pieces. Becoming dysfunctional; disharmonious, as they say.

What about the coronavirus?

It’s one of the things that are bringing people together. There are other things going on that are less visible.

Such as?

What we’re doing here. Having nature participating in this. Nature has a lot of compassion for the human race, despite being always tested by the human race, with disregard. We know that humans have lost their way. Nature knows that. It’s participating in the effort to put it back on track.