Q Someone asked: How does DNA, the physical body, and spirit reincarnate?

Answer: The physical body does not reincarnate. “Incarnate” means to enter the body. At the end of life it decomposes, i.e. returns to the earth. The spirit continues its existence out of this space-time continuum that is physical life.

Body = “meatsuit” = carne (which is Spanish for “meat”) i.e. “carnal” pleasures are the pleasures of the body (food, sex, thrills), hence in-carn-ate.

It’s the spirit that in-carnates – that enters the body. You are the spirit. Along with the body comes a mind, which includes an ego, whose purpose is to take care of the body. You – your spirit – can be awake within the body to different degrees in different people, i.e. you can be aware that you aren’t the body, you’re using the body to have this experience. It’s very possible to not be aware of that, and to completely identify with the body, mind, possessions and life story. Regardless of that awakeness, when you are done with the body (when you die and leave the body), you will realize what it was all about. You will eventually bring that experience into your greater being-ness, which exists beyond time and space. That point is sometimes called the “second death”, at which point you no longer identify with that most recent life/body/mind/story. It becomes part of the greater you.

The word DNA technically refers to the physical genes and chromosomes that make your physical body what it is – how it looks, how it functions etc. It’s the instructions for building the physical body. DNA stands for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. It is a physical substance. There are two strands of physical DNA in each chromosome, and we have 23 pairs of chromosomes. DNA is physical, and eventually decomposes after the body dies, although intact DNA has been found in the remains of extinct species.

In the spiritual community, people have been using “DNA” to refer to the unique nature of each soul/spirit. It’s a metaphor. It is not the physical substance, DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. If you looked at anyone’s cells under a microscope, you would probably not see more physical strands of DNA, no matter how many “DNA activations” they have done (unless they have Down’s Syndrome, in which case there is an extra chromosome in one pair). There are some interesting reports of a quadruple, not double, helix being seen in certain cases. It’s not quite the same thing.

However, what people are referring to is the non-physical aspects of what make each of us unique: our soul history, our karma, our past lives, star origins, etc. Activating those different layers has meaning as we go through our ascension process and identify more and more with our greater being-ness. We are all unique as spirits. That’s an amazing thing about Creation. And that uniqueness is said to be defined by our “spiritual DNA”.

But it’s just a metaphor. It is not physical DNA, and this can lead to confusion.

For more about that, see this recent blog post: What do people mean by DNA activation and how many strands of DNA they have?

It’s our soul/spirit that re-incarnates. It enters a new body each time, usually as a baby, occasionally in an older person as a walk-in. The soul plans and prepares for its next life with guidance from high spirits and soul groups, and enters the body before or during birth.

The process can vary, but it is well explored in countless hypnosis sessions, Dolores Cannon’s books, Michael Newton’s books, and many others.