A beautiful telling of the origin of the universe by my friend Dawn Schwarz, a BQH practitioner in Georgia. I have transcribed and lightly edited it from the video at the bottom of the page. So much here about the nature of “God Source of all Light” and why we are here. (Hint: It’s supposed to be fun!)

I’m going to give you a overview of the beginnings of creation. It’s not necessarily the beginning of the physical universe which you call the Big Bang. That is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the beginnings of the moment of creation. It is like this.

There was the original God, Source of all that everything comes from, and is of, and connected to. The original divine One God Source of all Light. I call him “he” because that is what I am comfortable with and that is what is known. And there was a “he” quality to him. He had this concept of creation, of what he wanted. And he contemplated, in and of himself, this concept of creating others.

But he did not just have the concept of creating just one more. He saw the grand picture of it, and how fun it would be. But he realized that it was lacking in fun because he had no one to bounce the ideas off of, to share in his joy, and to help him play with ideas more. So he came up with this truly novel idea-concept of creating others. Now the others would be parts of himself, but what he was going to do was to not just to talk to himself, but they would have distinct personalities, and the ability to think differently in and of themselves, though they would always be connected to him, and be of him.

Imagine that a woman becomes pregnant, and she has one egg and it’s fertilized. It is a single being. But then that egg splits and creates twins. Those twins are both of the same genetic material. They have the same DNA. They were once one, but are now two. But as those twins progress, even though they may have the same genetic material, be carried by the same person, may talk alike and look alike, they are distinct individuals. They have distinct personalities. And God had the idea something like that of twinning. He wanted to make more.

So the first time he did this, he created three. Three more besides himself. This was the Great Mother, the Great Father, and Light. These were three distinct individuals. It makes me feel so good to think about that. It is a very lovely feeling. The Great Mother, and the Great Father and Light, along with God the Source of all Light and Creator. There is this feeling of waves of such love and wonder.

They could discuss. When they were created, they were created as mature, already complete beings. They didn’t have to grow to become what they were. They were not like a child that must start at the beginning and slowly grow. They had all the knowledge that God had. But they had uniqueness. It is so fun, this wonderful quality about God. Every time a part comes off, it immediately wants to be different, wants to be unique, and no matter how much you try to make them the same, they fight to be unique.

It’s like the Star Wars clones. They all wanted to be unique and have different names and designations and wear their hair differently, because creation always wants to be unique. It was not that God decided, “You’re going to be Father, you’re going to be Mother, and you’re going to be Light,” although yes, Light was more like that. Light more or less was, “I am Light, duh.” As they separated, it was like, “I’m this!” “I’m that!” “Ok, that’s what we’re going to do.”

And they worked in harmony and in unison, and together they contemplated and planned and bounced ideas off each other. And it was wonderful and great and light and fantastical. It was beyond imagination, the expressions and experiences between them. It was like best friends planning something. It was grand. And that which was already a grand plan became much more light and fun and bouncy.

So that was the first generation, the first creation.

Then there was the second generation, the generation after the original three that were created. So first was God the Source of all Light, then he created three that had all the knowledge and understanding that was him. Then there was this second generation. I am of the second generation. The archangels are of the second generation. They were of a different nature, though. And there were others.

In order for God’s grand plan to eventually unfold, there had to be foundation work done. It was not utilitarian or planned in advance, it was not “Here’s this, here’s that, this one’s going to do this, this one’s going to do that.” Rather, each creation was made and as they were made, the way they were going to fit into the grand scheme unfolded.

And they all had an input. It was not: “We’re the boss.” It was: “Ok, this is the grand scheme. What ideas do you have?” And it just blossomed. It made it so much more – I want to say “explosive” but it’s not destructive. It’s like designs and wonder and beauty and building, not tearing down. And so we worked on, and we eventually came up with what would be known as what you would call a spiritual universe. And it was expansive and grand and playful and there were many that existed – many, many, many – that exist in this realm and it was fun. But that was not all of God’s grand plan, it was just part of it. And we had so much fun. There was so much exploration and fun and we loved it. The nature of God is also creative, as in fun and learning. It was like, “Oh, look what we figured out now! Oh, this is neat!” It was so inventive. So we played. It was play, fun, play, grow, learn, and we loved it.

So then it was brought into the physical. And the physical was a lot more difficult than the spiritual, because the spiritual was so much more free and open ended, and the physical had more constraints and more edges. The concept of edges was sort of a new thing. And so we have been working with that for some time.

I am explaining this because not only did Dawn want to know who she was, but throughout the physical creation, there are many myths and ideas of how things came to pass.

What is our origin? We always want to know our origin. Because this is the point of magic. Our origin is the point of magic. It is the point where there was no “us” and then there was “us”. We want to know our personal point of magic. And not just our personal point of magic; we also want to understand the point of magic of that which we know. So I have given this to you to understand not just her personal point of magic and origin, but to understand the all of everything, the points of magic, the beginning of the points of magic, so it can give you a better perspective.

When I say “myths”, do not take it as a derogatory term. Because there is a sense of “myth” in that somehow it is not real. In many stories of origins, each individual finds the magic of their own experience. And this is where your heart is. Your heart loves your myth, your origins. But sometimes the myths only go back to a certain point. And maybe that’s where that began, but where did this other thing begin?

So I have just given the beginning one – the beginning of the beginnings of all the beginnings. You could have a beginning for everything; each solar system, each family, each planet, has its origin myths. They could all be true, and still, this is the first one.

So I’m giving it to you as a foundation, so things can be clearer. Because in these origin stories of each and every culture that has ever existed through all time, and even among the angels and such, the origin stories are always told with fun little flourishes, things that they like. And it’s not that they’re not true, but they like to flourish them. There’s lots of flourishes in the All of Everything. So sometimes there’s so many flourishes, you can’t get back to the simple. So this is just the simple of it. I’m not going to add flourishes or details because it would just make everything more confusing, and then people would start taking sides and making issues, and there’s no need for that. That’s just what it is.

I know, I can already hear them: “Oh, but this person who I knew of was very divine, and they had a special connection to God….”

My dear little ones, you are all of God. You are all divine. All of us are divine. All of us are of God. There is no one who is more divine, except for God the Creator, but even he does not say, “I am this….” He is not even like that, because even when he created the first three, he gave them everything that he was when he created them. Because he wanted to be with equals. That is what he is like. So do not worry.

If you admire one soul, and they’re competent in what they’ve done, this is wonderful, this is good. Admire it. But be your own soul. Be your own divinity. And when something resonates with you in a path, follow it. But if something in that path does not resonate with you, do not force yourself to be like that other soul.

The very nature of all creation is to want to be unique. So take the qualities that you like, that feel comfortable to you, and play with them. But do it in your own unique way. There is no “This is how you have to do it, this is the exact path, this person did this so every other person should try to do it like them.” Don’t. Just be your own unique path. And it will open up for you.

And you may like something from this one and you may like something from that one, and in your soul you may like something from a totally different galaxy, in words and language that you wouldn’t even understand in Earth. Whatever! Have fun with your divinity! Create your own sparkles! God loves that, he loves the unexpected. He loves the quirks and weird and fun – there’s nothing that makes him happier.

This is what was important to bring out. You must have the foundation. This is the foundation. It is beauty and it is light and it is wonder. It is not “Let me give you the rules and what I require of you.” Yuck!! That is not it at all! It is like “Hooray! Fun! Silly String!”

(That was a wonderful invention that God loves. Glitter is good, but Silly String is fun. Because when it comes out it goes in random bits of color and blobs and is so fun, yay! Do you want to know the nature of God, the Creator, the Source of all Light – do you want to know what it is? Always think Silly String. And if you can take the Silly String and create a picture with it, oh, that’s amazing!)

So that is what he’s like. Be always unique, always different. That is what he likes. Expansive. But you need to understand that, and process it. It is not hard, because as soon as your soul hears it, it’s like, “Oh, but I would love that!” You would love that because that is what is real! So just go with it! And as you can get off all the gunky clutter that has been put upon you concerning this, then you will get to be yourself.

The video below will start at the beginning of this story at 12:33.