Continued from Universes, and the Earth Experiment

We would like to give you more information about what has brought the planet, Gaia, Earth, to this point of reaching for the higher dimensions, and indeed it is not only Gaia but the solar system. The solar system as a unit has been corrupted by those who would produce decay in the order of things. And so the whole solar system is being lifted to the light.

All of us together, with the population of Earth having suffered so long being the driving force, because of the amount of suffering and the intense pain and negativity and damage to the Earth herself, this beautiful, beautiful garden of a planet and the people who are sensitive, and capable of withstanding so much. Our hearts are with those whose pain and suffering have gone so long unabated.

The creative power of humans

We are in sympathy with them and we wish to end it and somehow realign all that creative survival capacity, that dogged determination to survive, into happier pursuits. Creativity. The creation of a culture that engages that energy of the human that is remarkable, and so expansive and creative; the emotional energy of the human being which is behind the creative energy. It’s the sexual energy, it’s that sacral chakra energy which is very special. The universe as a whole needs that energy liberated from dogged survival. So yes, the sexual, creative energy, that second chakra so deformed and misaligned, partly by those who would shut it down by celibacy, who would deny, deny, deny. That is not a good way for humans to be. It’s so contrary to their potential. So we liberate and we free that creativity, and align it with good, that those would use that energy not use it for destructive purposes, but for positive purposes. And so we must move humans to the light and let them build and invent and create, aligned with their hearts.

The creative energy, the heart energy and the personal power – those chakras have been so disengaged from each other, so misused, that alignment has been so distorted and taken in the wrong direction, disconnected. And we are excited to see what humans will do with this creativity unbound. And connected to the heart. And expression. So let your creativity flow and connect with each other on the creative level, and the heart level. Bring it together. We are watching for that.

Another 3d planet

There is a planet we want you to see. It is a small planet which nonetheless has enough gravity for physical beings to keep their feet on the ground, and a lighter gravity than Earth’s. Yes, this is where those who cannot ascend will go. It’s rather brown, but there are no negative entities here. There is no decay here. It is rather dry but there is water, there is vegetation, and food is abundant. People live simple lives, physical lives with hard work, in order to survive on this planet. Strong families, a level of social organization that allows people to be in small communities that are fairly self-sufficient and they can learn to cooperate, learn to trade, learn to accept those that are different from them, learn to build larger social structures that serve all.

This is a planet where people from Earth who are not ready for a higher dimensional experience can incarnate, and will. They will be taken there. You know people who will be going there. It is not Earth. But it is good. It is an evolving planet that is far from the decaying edge where Earth has found itself, where the people can develop. They can express their creativity and use it. There are many things to be invented and created, and an infusion of Earth spirits is expected to expand the creative ability and the development of this planet in a new direction.

It’s something you might want to work with us on in the future, keeping the parameters such that the people can develop on their own without interference, without introducing that dark current of exploitation and negativity which has long been a seam, a thread of trouble on Earth. And now it must be expunged, and those who insist on those ways, we don’t have a place for some of them in the universe, but if they are willing to explore life on planets such as this one which we just showed you, they can develop in a good way, and by serving others there, they will have opportunity to work out their karma.

So that is the plan; a place like that. There may be others, depending on the soul, but that is the major one. It’s ready to expand its population, and so an influx of people from Earth will bring about a new golden age, as they will be open to creating new things, with new ideas, with memories of things that were good, interesting, productive, creative. The art. The music. But they will not be allowed to develop the power structures that resulted in exploitation.

So that planet is awaiting its golden age too.

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