Your mission is apostolic renewal with Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It’s the same thing as saying “being part of the first wave of lightworkers.” Or the “144k angels”. It’s all the same.

Together or nothing, as the French say: tous pour un et un pour tous – all for one and one for all.

This is what the fight with the forces of evil comes down to.

If you want to know the difference between the forces of evil and the forces of light, it’s hard for the dark ones to apply that maxim of unity. That’s the way of false leaders. It’s their shortcoming. Because they’re in service to self.

I heard the disciples gathered around Jesus and Mary Magdalene in the 21st century. They were saying, “Master, Master, we’re confused. Who should we listen to now? Who can we trust?”

Jesus and Mary Magdalene look at each other, and he indicates that she should answer.

She says, “Yourselves. Look inside for that voice inside you. God is not outside of you. Look inside. If you feel you no longer have a compass, look inside.

“Stop looking for rulers outside yourself. They’ll always take advantage of you. Make sure you apply that lesson to modern times.

“That’s our teaching. We can work together once you’ve got that. Only you can learn to believe yourself, trust yourself, rely on your intuition. It takes some time to learn to trust it. Pay less attention to news forced upon you from the outside.

“So we see that as a first step. Then we can progress from there. It’s up to each one of you to do the work necessary. The key to get out of that confused state is in you. Don’t look for it outside of yourself.

“With much love from us. Have a great day.”

– from Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

The image was there, clear for me. They’re working as a team now. She has stepped out of the shadow where she was kept, into full consciousness for all to see. Rebirthing Christ Consciousness.

Image: Christ and the Woman of Samaria by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, a.k.a. Guercino,1647. Public domain.