Time Weaver

Dawn Schwarz, a fellow BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner located in Georgia, recently started bringing through beautiful and interesting messages from her “deeper self”, the Time Weaver. You can find them on her YouTube channel, EarthDawn. I have been transcribing some of them and posting the text with the videos here, with her permission.

You can also reach Dawn through her listing on QuantumHealers.com.

I find her channellings fascinating because of their multi-versal point of view. However, as with all channelling, take what resonates with you, and leave the rest.

Notes on some of the terms that have emerged from these channellings:

The Great Father, the Great Mother and Light – the first three beings created by God the Source of All Light, endowed with the knowledge and wisdom of God, but each with their own separateness and uniqueness.

Haboob – a giant dust storm as occurs in deserts. The sand penetrates everything. Here it refers to the movement of God through everything, finding all that is not of Divinity and restoring it. Others call it The Event or The Shift, but “haboob” is a fun word to pronounce.

The Singularity – Those who cannot survive the restoration of their Divinity, i.e. choose not to “polarize positive” or “go to the Light” will return to Source and will cease to be, i.e. be separate from Source. Their memories and experiences will be removed from them, as their distortions are skewing the fabric of the Universe.