Online Sessions

Perfect during lockdowns or anytime, any place!

Yes, I do Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions (BQH) online, using Zoom. It works amazingly well, just like an in-person session or even better.

You can have the session in your own comfortable space, wherever you live, and you don’t have to drive home afterwards; you can just relax and take a nap if you need to. Being in a familiar environment helps you relax. My voice coming through the headset already places you in a non-physical reality and it’s easier to shift your attention to your inner world. Working with the energies of the quantum field, physical distance becomes irrelevant.

All you need is:

  • A good internet connection;
  • A laptop with a camera (preferable) or a smartphone (second-best) that you can place so that I can see you when you’re lying down;
  • An adequate headset with microphone that will stay in front of your mouth (best) or earbuds with a microphone on the cord (second-best);
  • A comfortable bed or couch;
  • 4-6 hours of private, uninterrupted time;
  • The free Zoom app which is simple to use and will automatically download and install itself.

In an online session, together we create an energetic space that does not require being together physically. It functions as sacred space which we hold through our intention.

It is often very convenient and effective to split an online session into two parts: the pre-session interview one day, and the hypnosis session one to three days later. There are many advantages to this arrangement, from scheduling to knowing the technology is working. Even for in-person sessions, the interview can happen online.

Clients tell me that the crystal singing bowls, which I like to play during the induction, sound great and really help them relax, even through earphones.

BQH, Beyond Quantum Healing, is made for online sessions (as well as in-person ones). I incorporate everything I’ve learned into my BQH sessions, whether in-person or online. See my Modalities page for details of the various modalities I bring together. According to its own rules, pure QHHT® has to be in person. But that’s not an issue with BQH.

Here is my online Client Intake Form.