A charming excerpt from a session with a first-timer on Earth.  He was working out in space as a patrol, helping spirits who got lost to find their way, when he met a spirit we’ll call J, someone who would be an important person in this life.

“E” is one of those rare sonambulists: people who can channel in full trance.

H: …Let her take you somewhere special. Where there’s information that will be interesting.

E: She’s taking me to this cute little information booth. I haven’t been here before. She’s showing me all these brochures, with pictures on them. She says, “Have you ever travelled, E?” She says, “If you don’t travel, you never discover any place.” So I told her, “Well, the area I  patrol is pretty large, you know. I see a lot of planets.” She says, “But look on those maps here. The area you patrol is a small part of the cosmos.” So I said, “Well, I cannot be everywhere in the cosmos.” And she says, “E, you’re denying yourself the pleasure of travelling. Do like me. You know what? Come on Earth!”  “On Earth. Is that supposed to be fun to be, or to discover? Why there?”  “Oh, E, It’s not as bad as people say it is. It’s not that noisy.” “So what do I do to go on Earth?” She says, “Just sing in space what you would do on Earth if you go there. And then you won’t be surprised to see yourself popping up on Earth.”

H: So what do you sing?

E: A song with the name Gaia in it. Do you know that song? Cause I don’t know it. I’m looking for that song at the information booth. I don’t see it in the brochures. I don’t know the words to that song. I forgot them, I guess. 

H: What would you do? Would you sing a song of what you would do on Earth?

E: I thought that’s what this person J told me to do. She could sing. When she sings, you could see the planet far away light up. You could see she was sending love to that planet, and telling how beautiful the planet is, and it just lights up. She can do that.

H: Wow. So you can see it, then. Does it look beautiful?

E: Well I know what planet that is; it looks nice but it’s so far away.

H: So then, how do you get to Earth? Because somehow you did. So what happened next?

E: I have to sing a song to Gaia, and send it to her with my heart. She’s probably going to ask me why I want to go there, so I don’t know what to say because I don’t know much about Earth.

Several minutes further into the session:

E: I see a young couple singing a song. And they’re walking hand in hand…. it’s all in black and white, like I’m looking at a time when they didn’t have colour photos. It looks like my mother and my father. They’re singing a song that’s inviting me to join my song to theirs.

H: Oh, beautiful.

E: They look happy. I recognize my mother’s hair-do. She’s got black hair with curls on either side. Long curls. She looks pretty young.

H: Is she someone you ever met anywhere else you’ve been, in all of the universe?

E: No. She’s very unique. There’s nobody else like her.

H: And your father, what about him? How does he look?

E: He seems to be preoccupied with making my mother happy, but he doesn’t know I’m here. I’m not even sure he wants to. My mother’s the one who’s got a baby in her mind.

H: Is he singing a song, though?

E: They’re both singing. They look like they’re a happy young couple.

H: And where are you in relation to them?

E: I’m watching from above, sort of gliding over them.

H: Have you already been assigned to them?

E: I don’t know, this is all new to me. It’s like the first time. I can’t compare! It’s a case of first impression.

H: So is this the first time you meet them?

E: Yes.

H: Do you know anything about them?

E: They’re from a period when everything was in black and white…. It feels like they want to start a family or something.

In Destiny of Souls, Dr. Michael Newton, who specialized in “life between lives” hypnotic regressions, describes a specialized type of soul, the Explorer Soul, who “seeks out suitable training sites for the less-experienced souls and then eventually leads them to these regions.” Perhaps J in this story is such an Explorer Soul.