Preparing for your session

Think of a Quantum Healing session as a sacred encounter with your soul essence. Good preparation will enhance the experience and make it more beneficial to you. Consider the time spent getting ready for the session as an investment in yourself.

Intend to have a great session

As soon as you decide to have a session, and especially when you act on the intention and make the appointment, you are setting it up with your Higher Self (soul, essence, subconscious; whatever you prefer to call it – the part of yourself that can provide information and healing).

You can strengthen your intention to have clear and direct communication with your Higher Self by affirming it several times during the day and as you go to sleep. Say it in the present tense, not the future.

“I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self.”

Your Higher Self is part of you, not outside of you. It is internal. Clear and direct communication with it improves all aspects of life.

Prepare your Questions

Preparing a list of questions is a very important part of getting ready for the session. It will help you focus your intention for the session, and help prepare communication with your Higher Self. Questions tend to be about:

  • Your spiritual path, what you’re here to learn, other incarnations affecting your life now, the story of your soul;
  • Relationships, past and present, specific people in your life or overall patterns;
  • Work and career, are you on the best path;
  • Health – the energetic root cause of your health challenges and whether they can be resolved.

Do list your physical symptoms, perceived emotional blocks, major life challenges etc. This is a chance to get the big picture about your life, and understand, if not clear away the major issues.

Some people start with a very long list of questions. Then they see that they are actually expressing the same question in several different ways. Try to group and condense the questions, and list them in order of importance. You may find the answers come to you before the session! Your Higher Self at work.

Planning for the Day

Please avoid using any recreational drugs or alcohol in the day before and the day of your session. Limit caffeine intake to less than you usually use, but enough to keep from getting a caffeine-withdrawal headache! Eat lightly beforehand, but eat something.

Drink lots of water – starting NOW. Going to the washroom in the middle of a session is not a problem.

Practice relaxing, meditate if you do, and/or find relaxing things to do before the session.

Online sessions

Fill in the online Client Intake Form and submit it. Or print off the PDF version and email or fax it to me. (Email me for my fax number.)

Prepare your space and your technology. See the guidelines on the Online Sessions page.

In-person sessions

Please bring a USB key (8 GB or bigger) to take home the audio and video files. If you don’t have one, I can supply one for $10 (my cost).

If you have a printer, filling in the Client intake form in advance will save a little time. If you don’t have a printer, I’ll have a copy for you.

After the session, you may feel light, spacey, different … there may be shifts that will take time to integrate. Bring a snack to eat after the session – it will help you ground. A walk outdoors will also help. Try to plan a quiet evening for yourself afterwards.

Meditation Practice

If you meditate, be especially committed to your practice in the period leading up to your session.

If you aren’t a meditator, take quiet time and practice quieting your thoughts – out in nature, doing pleasant, relaxing things without the input of computer, TV or phone screens or even radio.

Play with your daydreams, and observe how you imagine and how ideas come to you. Is it visual – do you visualize? Auditory – do you hear ideas in your head? Kinesthetic with a feeling of movement? Is it more a “knowing” or “feeling”? Or all of the above? There are many ways to perceive information, and your ways may also change depending on your level of trance.

Whether you do meditate or not, listening to this guided meditation video will help you get used to my voice, and practice following me into a deep state of relaxation. This will help you go deeper when you have your session.

Get Ready videos

Here is a set of short videos intended to help you prepare for any healing session of this type. They were made by BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) creator Candace Craw-Goldman, who is one of my teachers.

Keep your expectations open

It’s your conscious mind that has expectations, and it’s the conscious mind that has to step aside in hypnosis. As much as it is important to prepare your questions and clarify your intentions for the session, your Higher Self is the one in charge of the session itself, and will show you what you really need to see. So prepare to let whatever happens, happen.

Especially, do not expect to be “asleep” or “unconscious” during your session. Chances are you’ll be aware the whole time, and remember much or most of the session afterwards. It’s also very common for people to think they made it all up, then they listen to the recording afterwards and realize that the wisest part of their being was indeed coming through. Such is the power of our imaginations that we can “make up” very meaningful stories and information that make sense in hindsight. So if you have to make it all up, do so, and let it flow. That flow allows the wiser self to come through.

In this video, Dolores Cannon herself talked about keeping your expectations wide open.