By Dawn Schwartz, July 2, 2020. Transcribed and lightly edited by Heather. Original video is below. To understand what is meant by the Great Father, the Great Mother and Light, see The Birth of Creation.

There are questions, there are curiosities, there are suspicions, in your experience. Those who are listening to this, it is wisdom on your part. It is your ego’s wisdom in this part. It is wisdom that exists even in the ego to ask questions, to be curious, to not just accept. That is good to do at this time. And we honor you for having insight and wishing to make sure.

The expression of the physical person who is in this plane [Dawn] is not a soul, is not a fractal, she is an expression from the planes – [to say] “dimensions” is not truly accurate as those on this plane exist in all dimensions simultaneously. We are interconnected, interwoven into all. Therefore we do not exist in a dimension – a higher dimension or lower dimension; we exist in all of the dimensions.

The Time Weaver who interweaves with all, and works intimately with all, in all paths, was aware of what was fully occurring in the separation [i.e. separation from God as experienced on Earth]. Not that the others were not, we were all aware. But her perspective was unique, and she has great love and she is very determined. And as she was aware of experiencing trying to guide others back to Divinity, she was meeting with difficulties. She is the Weaver. The threads flow and twist and create.

But the problems were not becoming untangled. She was recognizing what was going on, and she, as the Time Weaver, could see where the paths were leading in a broad sense. She can look down an individual path, yes, but individuals have free will and can deviate. But there [was] the broader path that was moving, As such, she brought forth “arguments”.

Actually, this is technically a channeling. But it is not a channeling in the [usual] sense that it is understood. She is not a soul on one level and then the channel is coming from another dimension [in which case] it must come into a meeting of frequencies. [Rather,] she is of our plane. And she is also of your plane, simultaneously.

In our existence, the sharing of ideas is done beyond your comprehension. It is like what you would term “telepathy”, but it is bigger and grander and much more involved. There’s also frequencies, sounds, colors – I am trying to use terms that you will be familiar with. This is a difficult message to express. It is the Great Father, the Great Mother and Light. And God. God is also present; he is basically allowing us, the Great Father, the Great Mother and Light, to communicate through the Weaver of Time to that which is her [Dawn] on your plane. She has had more practice in communicating on your plane than we have. She loves language. So she is trying to find words, expressions, sounds, to get these points across. What is coming from her is not a channeling, as in travelling through to your dimension. Because she is not really dimensional, in that she exists throughout all dimensions simultaneously.

Yes, there was a council that took place. But the council had at times involved emissaries who would come forth from all dimensions with their insights. But we do not exist inside of time. So that throughout the constraints of time, the emissaries are both always here and come and go. There have been emissaries expressing opinions, ideas, desires, they have set forth plans, some plans have been allowed, some plans have been looked at and [it was] seen that they could be beneficial or not, and there were great allowances. Because the nature of God in all is – they use the word “expansion”, but expansion is too straightforward a word; it is not expressive enough. The nature of the universe is like a supernova of wonder and curiosity. That brings a better picture to the word “expansion”.

Because of that nature of expansion, to limit is not of our nature. So if there are problems or things that are having difficulty in moving or flowing, we know that Divinity is in its nature and it will work out; it has always worked out, so therefore – but we have Councils. And we have Councils with those of all dimensions, and even [with] those who are deep in their separation, there is still a connection. God, the source of all Light, is connected to all, and is aware of all, in a very intimate way. The Great Father, the Great Mother and Light also are; though we are not God, we still experience a connection.  Much as on Earth there are some mothers with small children – we use “mothers” because it is more recognized on Earth – and sometimes a mother may know what is going on with her child even when she is not in the room. If there is a change in mood, say. And the Great Father, the Great Mother and Light experience this with all. But the intimacy is even more so with God, the Source of all Light, because everything comes from God, the Source of all Light.

On our plane, as we see the beautiful outpouring and growth of the All, and enjoy the many expressions, we feel and know that the pain and suffering, and we are aware and we want to help, but the Weaver’s experience was unique to her. When you are on this plane, you see the big picture very well. You see the small picture, but you see the big picture very well. And it is easier to say, “It’ll be ok,” and not be aware of, in time moment, what that means. It is like a child who is hungry, and says to its mother, “I am hungry; I want food.” And the mother says, “Oh, dinner will be in an hour.” That hour, to the child, seems very long.  And they’re suffering during that hour that they are hungry and they cannot get food. The mother sees the big picture. The child is experiencing the Now, and in that Now, it feels like an eternity. To balance and to understand and to be in both places, to be the mother and the child, can be difficult because when you do this and you experience the hunger and the suffering of the child, then it is that you should say that takes precedence over the big picture. But in the big picture, you giving the child something to eat then to stave off the hunger, the child may not want to eat the more beneficial food later on. This is the quandary.

So in moving through this process, the Weaver and a few other close volunteers (because we are not going to put this out as to who they are and how they fit in, it is not beneficial this time), have taken on physical lives – ok, truly not just physical lives. They have taken on life expressions, while still being themselves completely, and having little appendages if you want to call it that, that will experience life as an individual in whatever dimension or plane or whatever you want to call it. This is not a usual manner [for incarnation]. They are living quiet lives. When you’re around them personally, those who are more connected to their divinity, or those who are in desperate need, will be drawn to them, because that is your nature, that is the nature of Divinity. But in the way that things are seen on Earth at this time, they would not catch the attention of others. They would be just someone walking to the store that makes you smile. They would be the person who, as you’re driving past them, gives a little wave. That is all. And that mere interaction would have an impact on your life that you would not even realize. They are experiencing these “lives” for multiple purposes; one being to understand what it is to be the hungry child. To fully grasp it and to make the full arguments, the points, to bring the experience as seen from the child’s point of view, not clouded by the big picture. It is also because of the nature of the Weaver of Time and some others, that we operate not dimensionally. We do not have to go through 1, 2, 3, 4… dimensions – we do not have to go through those channels. We are direct. When you pray to God the Source of all Light, you do not have to go through other sources or dimensions or frequencies because you are already connected, you have always been connected and you will always be connected.

I think in computers they call it “back door” [i.e. having another, private, hidden way to get in]. She is not a computer person so she does not fully understand that. Technology is not her thing, anywhere (laughs). She is of organic and time-wave nature. She is laughing inside because at your place [Earth], you have these things called clocks, and she finds them both annoying and hilarious. The idea of measuring time on a clock is so, so funny; she is laughing at that. That’s beside the point, but it’s funny.

There is a direct connection so we can send energy healing to her, she can send experiences to us, it is direct, there was no need for the communication and information, even when she was unaware of it consciously. She was always curious why, continuously throughout her life, she would be doing some mundane activity and suddenly she would have galactic arguments or debates going on in her head. She would not stop until this issue was settled, and it was like, “Ok, I’m doing the dishes, and I’m having this great philosophical thing in my head.” She did not understand what was going on, because she did not realize her completeness in what was happening.

We were at the point where all that is her that has lived in any lives anywhere, are becoming more aware of who they are, because in the way we are having this play out, [we want] to have the energy come directly and not through other dimensions. Because if we send a message through dimensions, each dimension will [create] “eddies” [i.e. distortions]. There is a game played by children in your time,  where there’s a long line of people and you whisper something in one ear, and they continue to whisper it through everybody’s ears, and at the end of the line you see how much it has changed. If we were to work this message through dimensions, then there would be those distortions. And we have heard the child who is hungry clearly. We are responding directly to the child who is hungry. We are not going through channels per se. If we had done so, there are those who consider themselves to be older, wiser, having somewhat more authority – think an older sibling to the child. And they may try to put their 2 cents worth in, or give opinions, and things will get muddled, and that is not what we are doing. There has been too much muddled.

You are heard. You are all heard. Your pain is heard. Your pain is not just heard, it has been felt. We have tried on the big picture to assist and help planets, souls – oh there’s so much, so much has been affected. Pain does not exist in a vacuum. It cannot. When there is pain, it is felt by all. If a sea turtle strangles because of plastic, the ocean warns and feels the pain and anguish. The Earth feels the pain and anguish. The people feel the pain and anguish. It just keeps spreading through us all. We all feel the pain and anguish in that moment. We also feel the joy and the wonders. Do not think we are overwhelmed with just sadness, because we feel the wonders too. But the pain and anguish is feeding in on itself. It is not moving past. And it has been doing so in such a way that it is overwhelming and corrupting everything. Because just as if you stub your toe, the all-of-you reacts. Even if it’s just your toe, the all-of-you reacts. So the pain and anguish of a puppy, a bird, is felt throughout. But to have it be not just a single stubbing of the toe, but as though it was growing, reaching, repeated and repeated and repeated, and growing and growing….! The purpose behind pain is to tell you to stop. It is so simple! Pain tells you to stop. Do not push through the pain. It’s like, “Why are they doing that?” Don’t push through the pain! You’re pulling yourself from your own Divinity.

I know I have sad points [to make], but there were things I desperately wanted to say. I wanted you to know just how loved and valuable you are, and how pained we are by your own pain, and that we have been listening. We have been caring. We have been trying to fix things, and help you. It is so broad, it is too hard to explain in your terms – you could not grasp it all.

You have never been alone. You have never been without hope. You have never been abandoned. Just as a child who is hungry is loved by its mother. The mother fully intends to make sure that child is healthy and happy, and does not want the child to be suffering. That is what we are trying to do. “Trying” is not really – it’s happening. It is being done. It is already done. But we must do it in a way that will allow you to still keep your uniqueness that is you. And will not be too much of a jolt.

So there is going to be a period of letting ones [people, beings] know, but in a way in which – there are some that think – because their cultures may be older, or more “advanced” in that they may have abilities that are not on Earth, in Earth separation at this time, they feel that they know more and they want to help. But sometimes it’s not really helping. But they think that it’s helping. It’s not that they’re doing anything wrong, or have wrong intentions, but some of them are a little big sneaky in their intentions, but that is not a point either. We are not going to go through them. They will know what they need to know when they need to know it, in the way that they need to know it. [May be referring to some off-planet civilizations who are trying to help us?]

So if you want confirmation, and you should; you should want confirmation as to the validity of these messages: quiet your soul, and allow it to connect to God. And there you will find your answer. If you are not comfortable enough with that, that is ok. All souls will have what they need when they need it, when it’s best for them, in the way they need it that’s best for them. You do not have to be anxious that somehow you will miss the message. You will not miss the message. God in his love would never allow such a thing to happen. It will be clear and it will be known when it is needed to be known. And if you are of a curious nature and you enjoy this, the learning and the putting the pieces together, then you will hear it and you will recognize it, and you can play with it.

We want to send you the light of our hearts, the love of our hearts.

Just feel it.

Everything is ok. Everything is ok. It could only ever be ok.