From a QHHT session in 2018

Past life in Ancient Greece

At the beginning of the session, the client could see a white marble columned temple to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. It was a clear sunny day. She herself did not have a body in this place. She was floating and observing. There were a few people, men and women, moving around, wearing long white robes and sandals. A brazier with a fire was a focal point. A temple priestess caught her attention, a tall woman with beautifully draped robes, elegant hairstyle and fluid movement.

The client observed the woman placing herbs on the fire, preparing for a ceremony with the people grouped behind her. Threatened with invasion, the townspeople were looking for wisdom and advice from Athena on what to do.

The woman started channelling a force that was coming through her, telling the people how to prepare. I asked if the client could observe the force in a metaphysical way from her vantage point.

“Well, she’s in touch with something really good, I mean the essence of wisdom, Sophia or whatever in the universe. A good source that truly is benign and wants the best for these people, and she feels very, very at ease and connected with this – well I guess they would have called it Athena, the force of wisdom.”

Moving forward, we saw the woman arrive home to a house built in the classical Greek style. Her husband and two teenage children come to greet her in the courtyard. It was a happy, loving family. But war was coming. They ended up getting scattered, and the others got captured. The woman died hiding in the forest. As her consciousness left her body, she blessed her children and husband.

Photo by Patrick on Unsplash

The journey home

H: Where does she go as she leaves her body?

C: Well, she’s dispersing. She seems to be going into another planetary system, another star system.

H: Let’s follow her there. Describe the journey.

C: Deep space. Lots of stars. She feels very peaceful; she knows the path homeward. She’s speeding up and heading for a particular star and all of a sudden she’s there.

H: And what does she see? What is there? Describe what you see.

C: It’s an energetic; there’s nothing concrete to see. It’s an energetic click, an energetic lock. She knows that she’s with her kind. But it’s all energetic and she’s welcomed, and there’s love and there’s also this pervasive wisdom. It’s like her Soul Essence of wisdom has been multiplied, and there are various shades and colours of that same wisdom, and it’s like watching the Northern Lights when they are moving in and out of one another. They interact like that, and it seems to be in terms of colour. Pastel shades.

H: Do you have the sense of different entities and different beings?

C: Yeah, like each colour is a slightly different vibration but they’re very close to one another so they know that they’re the same kind, but they’re just slight variations.

H: And how does she fit into this?

C: She’s just one of them. It’s sort of like her larger soul family.

H: And there’s a feeling of welcome, you said.

C:  Yeah. I also heard a little bit of singing. There’s this feeling of joy, and ‘Welcome, you’re back from your mission.’

H: So what was her mission?

C: Her mission was to bring some light to that period of time on Earth, to help them through this war period, as best she could. It didn’t end well, but she did what she could.

H: Did she have lessons to learn there?

C: She didn’t seem to. She was a teacher. She was a force of light and solace to the people,  She wasn’t coming to Earth to learn anything. She was there to bring a little bit of light and enlightenment and wisdom and guidance.

H: So she wasn’t there to get into the karmic system of Earth.

C: No.

swirls of plasma light

Preparing for missions to Earth

H: This collective that she’s back with now, do they often send people to Earth? Is this something that they do?

C: From time to time.

H: So what does a soul do to prepare for such a mission?

C: They just seem to know what they’re about. They all seem to be at a certain level, a stable stage of attainment of wisdom, of whatever, and maybe it’s a resting phase but they’re not in the process of evolving at this point; they’re just in the process of being who they are, and from time to time one of those soul entities takes on a particular task on Earth or wherever. They also go other places.

H: What makes them decide to send somebody?

C: There’s an energetic link, a draw between that particular entity and maybe some lifetime or question of a person on the earth, whether it’s a prayer process that the person is going into, but there’s a question, there’s an asking, and that energetically draws that particular entity down to take on a human form.

H: So once they’ve decided to take on human form, what’s the process: how do they plan their lives? What kind of preparations?

C: Well there’s sort of a halfway house system where they move more towards embodiment but not quite embodiment, and in there, there are people – entities – assigned to help them pick the particulars of that life. So they know that they’re being drawn into a certain society on Earth. Say if they’re moving into a tribal situation with Neanderthals, they would be shown the physicality – the cave or the furry beings around. They would begin to be coached into it, like, ‘Okay so this is the scene, and how are you going to fit in with their groupings, and how will you work with these beings?’ If they have priests and priestesses, ‘How is your particular wisdom going to come through?  Are you going to be the head of the tribe, or are you going to be a priest, or are you going to be a wise woman?’ or whatever.

H: So do they tend to be in those roles? They naturally are recognized and gravitate toward those roles?

C: They do, yeah. And sometimes it doesn’t work out. I mean if we’re talking about Earth during the witch trials they could be living in the woods in some healing capacity as a wise woman, but mistaken for a witch, and that’s just really bad and doesn’t work out very well. Or it could be another time of relative enlightenment like Greece or Atlantis and then they come into a fairly benign situation.

H: So the halfway house….

C: Well up there, and in her home vibration, they move from the collective – I see it as like the Northern Lights moving in and out – to a little pod off of that, that has just slightly more density, and that’s where it’s connecting with the planet, whether that be Earth or somewhere else that they’re going. So they connect with that entity, that civilization and again, its vibrational, so they’re becoming a little bit more dense. And it’s all a matter of where they’re focusing their energy. So they focus down, and in that way they become more and more dense, more concrete, more in line with what that planet embodies. The density of the planet. There’s some sort of shrinking themselves down into this body or form, and then deciding what particular tribe or what particular family situation. If it were ancient Rome for instance, what part of the Empire.

H: Okay, this is very interesting to know. So then when it’s time for them to come to Earth how does that happen?

C: It’s again a matter of shrinking. It’s a matter of focus. So they’re focussing down, focussing in, and with that focus the energetic vibrational reality starts to shift. So everything starts to coalesce into physicality. But it’s calibrated – I’m not really quite sure – I guess it’s an art form. There is a certain art form to this, because they have to shrink and yet they have to time it so that they don’t become dense in the middle of outer space.

H: Is there any other stopping place before they enter the body of the baby?

C: Yeah, there can be. I’m just all of a sudden seeing Sirius. That came to mind. So somehow it’s like a waystation that connects you more deeply to Earth, if we’re talking about being on the way to Earth.

H: What happens on Sirius?

C: Refinement.  I think you travel at a certain disembodied state till you get to Sirius and that’s where you really start to coalesce into more of an appropriate form to get yourself from there to Earth. I guess the fine details are worked out on Sirius.

It turned out that my client was from a sister system to the one she saw. Because of the story of her own soul, it did not serve her to see one of her own past lives on Earth. More about her story in another post.

C: She’s from a system that’s like that. It’s sort of a sister system, where they communicate in harmonics and sound. That’s her true system. That’s her true home. So it’s just slightly different. I saw the other one in terms of colours; her system is more sound. And of course it’s completely telepathic.

The client had a few family members and friends who came from similar systems, and has met a few others through her life, often with a sense of recognition. “And we know when we meet one another there’s this instantaneous-like ‘Yes’.”

Photo of statue of Athena © Flickr/cc-licence/Totti