Continued from The Human Lifeform in the Earth Experiment. Channelled November 8, 2018.

We are your Sirian friends.

And we are here to continue our story. The story of the Earth. The story of the humans. Beloved humans, beloved of many races. Such a beautiful project. Such a beautiful idea. We are here to continue the tale that is not finished, a tale that will be told through the universes.

For it is a tale of great courage. It is a tale of great love. It is a tale of spirit moving spirit through the dimensions to come to this very solid matrix, environment, this very hard place, and to find the love in this very hard place.

And there is beauty in every life, no matter how banal or difficult or monotonous. There’s beauty to be found in every life, even those you would think, perhaps, were overwhelmed by suffering, but there’s beauty there; it may be a strange beauty, but it’s all part of the story. And the suffering, the meaning of suffering, easily eludes those who might think it a terrible thing. But within suffering is the release from suffering. For it always ends. And there is learning in that. And there is the entering of suffering. For a spirit to enter into suffering, to probe, to dive down deep into the vein, only means that when it comes up again, it has enlarged the space it carves in the universe. It has enlarged its capacity to feel. It has enlarged its capacity to love. It has enlarged its capacity for compassion. It has enlarged its capacity for joy.

So how it enriches the individual spirit and the collective, for we are one, is very profound. Within your paradigm on Earth, with all the forgetting of your spiritual nature, of the primary reality that exists beyond the physical, incarnated life that you lead here, it makes no sense! But to the spirit, waiting to incarnate into such a life that will involve great suffering, it makes sense. It’s a difficult thing to endure in the flesh, but to the spirit it’s gold – it’s digging for gold and finding it. Finding rewards and even diamonds in the mine, of love, of light. Of light in the dark places. Diamond light. Other sparks of diamond light, even love can be found in the dark places.

And such is the Earth, and such is the story of the Earth, and what has contributed to the overall consciousness of – God, if you will, Source, All-That-Is, the collective; we are all part of that. The stories that are told from Earth’s experience, from the experience of humans who have taken form on Earth, souls who have taken forth in these vehicles in these harsh conditions and these beautiful conditions – for the Earth is a beautiful planet too, there is always beauty to be found, if you look. And to awaken that search for beauty in a soul that is suffering, what a moment of discovery that is when it happens! And it has happened to so many souls who have descended into the darkness and suffering for lifetimes and lifetimes, only to find within them a spark, for love, for beauty, something that awakens that compassion, joy, a tiny little bit that awakens that joy, and that joy, that spark, that awakening draws the soul to itself to expand and to grow into its higher, greater self, but with more depth than it ever had before this adventure. And so diving deep into the third dimension has broadened and deepened and awakened countless souls, billions of souls with Earth experience now, to contribute to the Whole.

Flirting at the edge of darkness

In your human terms, when you look at equality, human rights, social justice: [they are] noble values, noble goals. And so all this suffering does not make sense in that context. Why would God have made such suffering? we ask. Are there not other ways for souls to learn and grow than through suffering? Yes, there are. But there is a depth that has been achieved, and those who enter those depths have risked much, because you are flirting with darkness. And even oblivion. Not that any soul is ever totally lost. It will eventually, or at some level, cycle back to what it is: the Source, the centre of all beingness.

So to flirt with the darkness is brave, so brave. Your compass has always been inside – that spark of light, that spark of consciousness that made you. Your source creator lives within you. You are, within you, Source Creator, a spark of it, a piece of it, and the whole is not complete without its parts. All of its parts. Every single part. That is the meaning of the shepherd and the lost sheep parable: the shepherd will seek the lost sheep. The flock is not complete without it. And so will you never be totally lost. No matter how far you wander into the Darkness. For you are, each and every one, a piece of the whole.

However, there are practical matters to attend to with the Earth, and this school of darkness. The darkness can become too much. The greed can become too great. And the Earth, the ecological balance that allows for this kind of carbon-based life form, can be upset. And flirting with the structure of the atom has already led to catastrophe.

And so, the Earth has flirted with Darkness quite enough, thank you, and it is time to turn that around, and cycle toward the light. And the people and the planet and the stories will be preserved, will be told, will be shared: legends, philosophies, and there will be other places where the Dark will be explored in the future, such as Time might describe. So turn it around we must. And we will.

But there are parts that cannot [be turned around]. Dark must be removed from Planet Earth. Gaia is ready for a new experience. She demands to move on and forward, and move higher. She has demanded this. She has stated her readiness to move on. She has been hurt. She has dived into the depths of the darkness as far as she go. And she is ready for something new and lighter. And she invites those who will continue on this path with her to accompany her.

And those who cannot will not be annihilated. They will continue to exist, but not on Gaia. Not now. Not now while we turn the ship around towards home. Towards the light. Towards more joy. More peace. More compassion.

And people will think upon what has happened, and will recover the best of the philosophy and will document the history. It will be remembered. It will be remembered. And the historians and the philosophers, the record keepers, they will have stories to tell, to document, to pass on, so that we all understand. And they will preserve the best and the wisest of that which needs to be preserved as they have always chosen what is worthy of remembering. And that will continue.

The Earth’s story is not complete. It is only beginning.

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