June 16, 2019The backstory: Steve was feeling uneasy about things going on in the news that weren’t making sense and wanting a higher perspective. Archangel Michael (AAM) came through clearly with profound information worth sharing. This is an excerpt; personal information and other topics have been edited out.

Archangel Michael: Don’t be afraid of a disorderly situation. Because it will be disorderly pretty soon. And when things are all disorderly around you, and events and society and international diplomacy, things will look very messy. If you stay connected with yourself, deep inside, aware that this part of the universe is shifting in more respects than you can get your mind wrapped around – accept that you cannot get your mind wrapped around everything during the shift; there’s too much going on – then you will go through the shift with a peaceful mind. If you try and catch everything that’s going on, you will not find peace. There’s just too much going on, and you will not find inner peace.

The way the world is shaping slowly is a bit like your street. [My street had been full of potholes, making it difficult to drive.] It becomes impossible to navigate your street, except maybe when you go really slowly. If you go fast you’re bound to damage something, because you don’t see the obstacles in time. So slow your speed down. And you’ll see the world will become like [your potholed] street. It’ll be fixed first timidly, in patches. The bigger holes will get plugged up. You’ll still have to dodge this and dodge that. [In fact, the street was recently repaired in stages. First the worst holes were patched, and we were still dodging potholes. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that whole sections were resurfaced.]  You’ll have to slow down a lot. You’ll have to quiet your mind. You’ll have to open up your heart. Let your heart receive all the messages you need. Not your brain.

As we shift, a new inner voice will come out from deep within you. It’ll feel like a stranger in you, but it’s not a stranger. It’s that new self of yours – a new self in the fifth dimension. Only new to the extent that you are going from fourth to fifth, but it’s the same person as you are. It will just feel different. So don’t think it’s another voice inside you. It is the voice that you need to listen to – your new self.

Heather:  He wants to know if he should concentrate more on going within to hear his inner voice, or if he should be seeking the comfort of groups? What’s better at this time?

AAM: Strength is in numbers, usually, when it comes to changing the world. But it doesn’t take everybody to be on the same wavelength to change the world. It just takes a critical number of people who are clear-hearted, clear-minded, altruistic. In such a group of people you could find the voice that you need to hear.

At the same time, so far humanity is coming out of a period of enslavement, where individuals are giving up their power to authority represented by government or religious entities, and the danger at this stage, if you stick to a group and neglect your own inner voice, is that you will give up your power again. It’s innate in you, because the long enslavement period you’ve come out of, thousands of years, you’re so used culturally to give up your individual will, individual appreciation of events, individual vision of the future.

Your intuition? You won’t even bring it up in your society because you’re too scared, you’re too shy to bring up your intuition. And yet, that is your voice. That is your inner voice. Let it talk. Don’t complicate your life. You don’t have to learn all kinds of things. You don’t have to read every report. You don’t have to be aware of every case decided by courts. Just follow your intuition. We will help you with your intuition! This is where spirit comes in. So don’t put down intuition.

H: Can you see how [he] is doing with connecting with his intuition these days?

AAM: He does not trust his intuition.  He’s still too shy for that. His intuition was shut down when he was a kid.

H: And even for all the work he’s been doing lately, he’s still not trusting his intuition?

AAM: He’s not in – how should I say? – normal working mode; his intuition has been so flustered that … when he is in a group where conformity with the group collective understanding of the world and vision of the world matters, he will give up his power to these people. And he will think the world of them. But he will have his own judgement shut down.

H: So is it safer for him to go inward rather than participating in groups? Or is there a balance to be found?

AAM: I think more people, not just him, should practice cultivating their intuition, but in a relaxed way because it’s not something you should control. Your intuition is that voice of your Higher Self, properly used. And your Higher Self is a very well-balanced entity. You don’t have to worry too much about its extreme views, or tendencies or anything like that.

So that intuition, if you know it’s the higher one, is safe. It’s a slow one, it’s not a hurried one, it’s not a noisy one, it’s a quiet one.  So if what you think is your intuition is noisy, and fast and hurried, and wants to impose its views on others, it is not your intuition.

H: Can you suggest particular things that he could do to cultivate it?

AAM: Just know there is a difference between your mind and your intuition. Pay attention. The mind is much more fickle. The mood changes from day to day. The Higher Self doesn’t.

H: Today he was just feeling like everything’s unsettled, and this uncomfortable feeling like something’s about to happen, and disorderly – was that his intuition? Was that his mind? Was that fear speaking?

AAM: He has been expecting a coming together of all the problems of this world towards a solution that can work in the long term for most people – maybe not all, but most, the vast majority. And because of that maybe he’s too impatient to get that information. But this is not the time for it. So he’s kind of jumping the gun.

H: So that’s somewhere down the road. Would you say things have to fall apart and be disorderly first?

AAM: What has to happen before things get better is beyond your imagination. So don’t try and go there. You don’t need to know it, and you cannot imagine it, so don’t wrack your brains over something that’s not within the range of your capabilities. This is the mechanics of the shift that can get complicated for the human mind. You are fourth dimension people, don’t forget, moving to 5d, and it’s still far away from being omniscient and all that. So don’t push yourself too much.

H: So would you say that for him, he will know when it’s time to step into a new role, but it’s not time for a while?

AAM: He might as well assume that.

H: And he should meanwhile cultivate listening to his intuition?

AAM: Yeah. This shift is not any ordinary shift. There have been other shifts in the past, but no shift is the same. If there was a book, a manual of procedures, a list of things to do and not to do, that we could put out for this shift, we would do it. But it’s just impossible. Because with every new event that happens, every new turn that this world takes, the universe adapts its methods, its solutions, to adapt it to the free will of humans. It tries to.

It’s not easy because humans are very fickle right now. They don’t know what they want – as a group. Some humans do know what they want, but as a group they don’t have one voice. They can’t even negotiate with the universe. They have no voice to represent them with the powers of the universe. So the universe is reacting as it should, which is in the best interest of all of humanity. But it decides.

So don’t try figuring everything out ahead of time because it decides, and updates its decision, several times in a short period of time.

H: There isn’t one well-defined timeline…

AAM: No, things are changing too much. The universe is trying to work with the free will of humans. It is a planet of free will. It’s in a messy state right now because of free will, and other reasons.

H: Is there any point right now in him cultivating relationships with Native people or groups?

AAM: Well, not just him; everyone should. You don’t have to rush it. Because you know you will end up indigenous anyway [in a 5d world]. All on this earth will be indigenous.

This is what those international trade agreements failed to do: to look at the human aspect of the world getting along with its different parts, as opposed to moving money.

So the universe has to step in if humans cannot take care of themselves, by ordering money issues and not caring for basic human issues. It was a huge mistake. After a series of very damaging wars, humans are losing the ability to care for themselves.

As the world was evolving, the powers of the universe stepped in. They stepped in a while ago; they could see things were going wrong. They’ve stepped in to bring around change which is not presently planned by humans. There was no alternative. There was no other choice.

H: I think that would be a point for him to understand, that the change that is coming is not planned by humans. It’s nothing that humans can plan for.

AAM: No, it’s not planned by humans and humans should not attempt to control that. I know a lot of people like to wrap their minds around what’s going on and predict every step of the way to resolution of whatever problem you’re trying to solve. That’s an old pattern that’s not going to work this time.

You have let go and go with the flow. You’ll be reborn into 5d. Look at shifting to 5d as a rebirth. Go inside, go with the flow. Catch a good flow. Just catch it. Just go with it.

H: What’s the next step for him?

AAM: Well, he’s got to iron out all the distortions that have been pumped into his understanding of the world.

H: Ok, so when he reads about the news, when he follows the news, is that helping him to iron out the distortions?

AAM: Well, to read the news for many people, and especially for him, is a way of getting out of his own lonely perception of things, where he doesn’t feel he’s got good company. He wants to be in good company with like-minded people who can share their visions of the New Earth with him. There’s nothing wrong with that but there’s no point in rushing. You have to [slowly, emphatically] Go. With. The. Flow. Of. The. Shift. Not your inner flow. You have to slow down your inner flow to match that of the shift.

H: Slow down our minds, in particular.

AAM: Yeah. … This is not a ping pong game, where you just respond quickly to whatever’s thrown at you. You just take your time. If you see a ball coming at you, and you know how to take it, just put down your paddle and wait for – your intuition will tell you when to respond.

Ask yourself what’s more important. To know what the future holds, or to be ready for whatever Now comes up. I think you’d be better to be ready with whatever Now comes up. Because that’s a skill that will come in handy later on too, even in 5d.

H: Being in touch with our intuition.

AAM: You’re going to feel that the Now can feel quite narrow at times; you’re going to feel like there’s not enough breathing space in the Now that you are presently involved in. That can happen. And then you want to break those barriers and go wider. But there’s no need to.

If sometimes you feel that you’re in a very tight Now, it’s because we don’t want you to look too far down the future. It’s better that way. You get rid of your expectations and how things should unfold, and you just let it happen.

As I said, this is more – “complex” is a human term; we don’t know of complexity in the spirit world, but as you guys say, it looks complex from your point of view. But I can assure you it’s not. I wouldn’t say it’s routine; but there’s just a natural way of dealing with new situations as they evolve.

And because you’re very free will on this planet, nobody can say what’s going to happen tomorrow, exactly. We have an idea but we don’t know exactly. Cause anything new can happen, coming out of your free will.

And so we just have to navigate that delicate zone there between pushing the shift and at the same time letting your awareness catch up with it. But not be ahead of it.

We don’t want your consciousness, your awareness to be ahead of what’s going on, because there’s going to be interference if you do that. We’ve made that tough decision to keep you partly in the dark, in terms of what new Now is going to follow the present Now.

H: Although there are so many people channelling so many spirits who have so many opinions too, about the shift.

AAM: Well, I don’t need to know all the opinions, of course, but if you have a point to make, go ahead.

H: Humans are very curious; that’s my point.

AAM: Oh yes, oh yes. They want to be God. Every human wants to be God. Because they are gods. But they don’t know that first you have to hone your divinity. You don’t just use it as a tool of power. Learn to live with your intuition first and your power will come after. Be a wise user of your intuition. And then you’ll discover real power.

June 16, 2019