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Earth has its own karmic system, but the law of cause and effect is part of a larger order. If your soul has had experiences in other places, according to information received in the session quoted below, it may or may not impact your lives here.

In other karmic news, you may have noticed the effect of your actions coming back at you more quickly than it used to. That is as intended, according to various channeled sources.

From a QHHT session, January 2018:

What we are seeing from our perspective is that there are:

(1) what one would refer to as Earth karma, karma belonging to the incarnations one would experience on planet Earth. And those incarnations – the memories of those, the data, the information, the experiences, are held within the Earth memory, not the earth itself; the planet memory, and there are karmic loops in and out, all relating to the lives on planet Earth.

(2) And in some cases, when there are lives of that soul expression which have found themselves in other areas of creation that are not directly linked to the karmic loop of the planet Earth in your solar system, there is sometimes an interaction and sometimes never an interaction.

The expression that is J has had much karmic experience upon the planet Earth and … she is nearing the end of karmic obligations within the Earth karmic loop.