So you don’t believe in reincarnation

Not everybody subscribes to the idea that they have had, or will have, other lives. So is Quantum Healing even an option for them? Can they get something out of it?

Think of “past lives” as “stories”. Our ancestors shared stories with each other even before they had campfires. Storytelling is an ancient art that can reveal deep truths that our rational mind has trouble learning. We learn from stories all the time when we read a novel or see a movie, or even hear of someone’s mishap on the news.

In a Quantum Healing session, your Subconscious (a.k.a. Higher Self) chooses a story to shed light on your current life. Whether or not you really lived that story, there is always a lesson in it.

Most people will have observed that not everything we understand is in the conscious mind. The part of yourself that knows the answers is the part that we are accessing in a Quantum Healing session.

And when that part of yourself shows you a story, it’s really worth watching and learning from.