The last Group Regression on a Thursday evening was very well attended! People loved my big crystal singing bowls, and I really enjoyed playing them for a group. There were wonderful stories shared of past-life journeys and new understandings.

So I want to do it again before the holidays!

It will be in the afternoon this time, from 1 to 3:30 pm on Saturday, December 9.

Location: Blockhouse Yoga and Wellness, at the 4-way stop in Blockhouse (in the same building as Ali’s General Store).

Suggested donation $15-25. (PWYC – pay what you can.)

Again, crystal and brass singing bowls will grace the space and enhance the trance.

Visit a past life or other soul experience, and connect with your Guides or Higher Self.

Share (always optional) with others in a safe space.

Please arrive on time so that you don’t disturb people’s focus.


  • a yoga mat, pillow and blanket,
  • or use the studio’s mats and bolsters,
  • or sit in a chair if you prefer.
  • Also bring a notebook and pen for making notes about your journey,
  • a water bottle
  • and an eyebag if you like to use one.

Think about your intentions beforehand.

Feel free to contact me (see below, in footer) if you have any questions.