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About Me: My Path To Here

Discovering the work

“I could learn to do that,” I thought. Or maybe it was, “Heather, you could learn to do that,” a message from spirit guides or my Higher Self.

“That” was that work of Alba Weinman, a hypnotherapist who posts some of her sessions on YouTube (with the client’s permission, of course). I’d been binge-watching, fascinated with the process, the information that comes forth, the release of old pain and trauma, the insight that clients get into their lives, and the outright healing that takes place: physical, emotional and spiritual. What’s more, the healing is done by the client’s own Higher Self, with Weinman serving as a guide and facilitator. Her gifts are knowledge, integrity, fearlessness, patience, gentleness, love. The process honours the client’s unique journey and empowers them in a life-changing way. It pierces the artificial and thinning veil between the human and the spirit worlds, calling the two sides to work together in a beneficial way to improve the lives of people living on this difficult plane of existence.

From Alba Weinman’s website, I learned that although she has studied hypnotherapy more extensively since, she started her hypnosis career doing QHHT®, the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ developed by Dolores Cannon. Over her decades of developing, practicing and teaching her method, Dolores Cannon wrote many books describing what she had learned about life on earth, reincarnation, the experience of death and life between lives, and where our beloved Gaia/Earth is heading, all based on what she learned in her work with thousands of clients.

Apprenticeship in Life

I was already awake to my “indwelling spirit” as a child, and engaged in internal inquiry that I now recognize as meditation.1 In my late teens, seeking further understanding about reality beyond the physical world, I learned to feel “the still, small voice within” which told me if a book I was reading rang of truth for me. Thus I discovered reincarnation and the evolution of the soul. Thanks to my mother, with whom I shared many of those books over the years, I learned to communicate with my spirit guides in my early 20s.

I did a lot of Re-evaluation Counselling (Co-Counselling) in my 20s and later, taking classes and workshops, and for years meeting weekly with partners for an hour as counsellor and an hour as client, learning much in both roles which continues to serve me daily. Although it lacked the spiritual component found in QHHT and similar practices, we were using a hypnotic trance state to create a bridge to the past, feel old stuck feelings and release them. It was often tedious, but it worked. It also gave me much insight into how people tick on an emotional level. To illustrate the adage that “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis”, I even used it on myself to access past lives.

Since then, I’ve practiced yoga and meditation, dabbled as an amateur in herbal medicine and massage, played with and even sold crystals, channeled, worked with channellers, lived alone in the woods, explored natural childbirth and palliative care, kept a garden every chance I had, learned about permaculture, worked and travelled in many countries, run small businesses, played in bands, wrote a Masters thesis on Alternative Community, accompanied my parents in their last days, led my family through mourning them, made lots of jewellery and built many websites, and raised a child.

However, the experience that has demanded the most of me as a human being (other than motherhood), every bit of love, knowledge, strength, patience, courage and resourcefulness I could muster, has been helping my husband withdraw and recover from 14 years of overprescribed and unnecessary benzodiazepines and anti-depressants. The rewards have been great, as the man I fell in love with has returned to himself and to me, and continues to heal and grow remarkably.

That has been my initiation.

Many things that I’ve seen and done during this time suggest to me that I have a vocation to pursue in working on such a deep level to help others connect with their inner wisdom to grow and heal.

A New Adventure

I am now a QHHT Practicioner (Level 1) having completed the course and practicum, and have launched myself on a tranformative new path. I feel like I’m growing into myself.

I have also taken a course in Introspective Hypnosis as developed by Aurelio Mejia of Colombia, taught by Antonio Sangio, and beta-tested a new modality called Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH).

So far, I have found this style of spiritual exploration to be effective, efficient and empowering to my clients, while being in alignment with who I am and my particular gifts. My wide range of life experience allows me to relate to almost anyone.

If you feel called to do so, come and play in this field of consciousness with me!

Read more about my training journey.

1. Particularly the Advaita Vedanta direct path method of spiritual self enquiry expounded by Rupert Spira